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Forums > Living in Kunming > PS2 games

@laotou: The brain-numbing you mentioned is half true, because you always can choose which games and when/how long your kids can play them. ;) Also there are games who train the brain. But your right, just playing/TV is not good.

@tigertiger: I will ask him and get back to you.

Forums > Living in Kunming > PS2 games

It does matter, but if you need help let me know.
I know a little shop on jinbi/beijing lu and the owner saved my xbox360 from becoming a DVD-Player. Very helpful, also he sell phones, ps3 and games. Except of the games (he also have originals) all his products are original.
Was searching long time, because i did not want drive to 121street everytime. Also the games for xbox360 at his shop are 3 RMB/each and on 121street 4 RMB/each, hehe. Still cheap... i know.

let me know via pm.


Forums > Food & Drink > Kebab craving! Kebab!

We sold kebab-machines several years ago and also tried make-it-self. Still there is one sample here... seems we have to open a little Kebap-Shop. ;)
I could swear there was a Kebap-Shop at The Box, but maybe it closed down quickly. Never had Kebap in Kunming / China, everytime i go back to Germany its the first thing i will eat, hehe.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Foreign DJ price

"no colour bar"? sounds like a long time ago in the united states... i guess just chinese people are there, so the caucasian (other colour than chinese people) have VIP-status, right? omg...


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First i'm glad that not only Germany has problems with (still not build) airports.

Second, i remember my visit to the new airports toilet in august last year, where i felt like an earthquake appeared... but the reason was actually the missing (not installed) screws on the toilet. It's a shame... and KM is still a village!


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