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Zero cases, 哈哈哈哈。That's why school still postponed here i guess. That's also why Beijing is still locked down for people coming from other provinces but other cities already open for everyone, right? ;)

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@Mousematt: Sorry to hear that! Baohai is right around the corner and also our go-to-park if we don't wanna go for a long drive. I always visit trough the gate on 2nd ring road, it's opposite the maingate. I'm working this weekend, but could give it a try next saturday. Will let you know if i can get in or if i have to jump the fence. ;) Lonely times are coming our way i guess...

School is postponed too... the teacher called yesterday in the evening. They aren't sure about anything right now... there is fear the kids could get infected and spreading it further.


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First i'm glad that not only Germany has problems with (still not build) airports.

Second, i remember my visit to the new airports toilet in august last year, where i felt like an earthquake appeared... but the reason was actually the missing (not installed) screws on the toilet. It's a shame... and KM is still a village!


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