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Forums > Living in Kunming > Registering foreigners' religious activities

Speaking of, does anyone know what happened to the church on Beijing Lu? I remember a couple of years ago it was fully opened and used and now it seems like they are doing some renovation works except the renovation equaled to getting rid of the large staris leading to the church.

Forums > Living in Kunming > COVID 19 vaccine for foreigners

That's disappointing that the Kunming government still haven't allowed foreigners to take the vaccines. There's tons of foreigners living in the Yunnan province so really disappointing all around. It's not even just the coastal cities that do foreigner vaccinations, I have a friend in third tier city in Zhengzhou and he got his shot like a month ago

Forums > Living in Kunming > COVID 19 vaccine for foreigners

Any news on this in Kunming? When Shanghai and Beijing started to offer vaccines to foreigners it was easy to overlook Kunming not doing the same, but now cities like Zhengzhou with an expat community about the same as Kunming are giving vaccines for foreigners and there seems to be no word at all from Kunming government.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Volunteers for a Christmas Market Charitable Event

Hi everyone next week we are organising a charitable Christmas Market event at our school. The event will basically see our teachers and parents and some local businesses setting up Christmas stalls in our school and selling various small gifts, toys or yummy food with all the proceeds going to the Stepping Stones charity. Stepping Stones is a charity focusing on helping disadvantaged children in China gain access to education.

At this stage we're still looking for more people to set up their stands and help this good cause. You can sell literally anything from homemade cookies to small Christmas gifts. If you are interested please contact me. Thank you.


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