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Forums > Travel Yunnan > Covid testing, Anyone had one done in Kunming.

Thanks for the heads-up, @Geezer..
The city of LA traveller form is 404 at this point..
We can't get vaccinated in China..
My travel is essential, in transit at LAX, onward to Istanbul,
so a quarantine doesn't seem appropriate..
Cheers !

Forums > Travel Yunnan > Covid testing, Anyone had one done in Kunming.

Would any of our errands & ordeals be any less strange if we spoke the native tongue?

Probably not..
This weekend I will be tested at LAX; 3-5 hour procedure @ $125-150.
They have set-up 3 separate sites underneath bright circus tents, appropriately enough..
Good luck !

Forums > Living in Kunming > Power of Attorney

That will be a good back-up plan, AlPage48..

First I will try an online form, a memory stick, print & notarize at the office which JanJal recommended..
Thanks for the suggestion, & good luck with your visa situation..
I am still being deported, sometime this decade..

Forums > Living in Kunming > Power of Attorney

A power of attorney document for overseas banking would no doubt need to be notarized, but first I need the document.. Surely it requires a specific form, rather than a hand-written A4?


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Off topic: I was fortunate to have visited the cemetery of Rachel's namesake; Ernest "Papa" Hemingway, at Ketchum Idaho. Far off the beaten track; a winter ski resort area, it was worth the detour, for those with a literary inclination..

He lies alongside wife Mary, with a slender evergreen at the head of both graves, which were simple slabs of dark granite; about 8 feet (2 & 1/2 M) long.. Visitors had left little trinkets, coins, etc, at the foot of the graves; otherwise, no magic-markings or signs of desecration in this quiet and desolate location.. Other Hemingway graves were not far away, but whose names I don't remember.

And when in doubt, recycle anyway. Even if the plastic is unfit for re-use, it is generally incinerated in environmentally approved facilities, with proper filtration.

Burnt unfiltered plastic releases toxic levels of p.c.b's.

It is regrettable that bio-degradable plastic has yet to gain traction on an industrial basis. It was developed around 5 years ago, in the US, as I recall.
Many people simply don't grasp the theory of recycling; never have and never will.

My experience indicates that southern Europe is as guilty of plastic pollution as the Asian nations; there are simply many more people in Asia.


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