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Forums > Living in Kunming > Spring City Paradise

I recently had to replace my electric space heater, which was firing away since early November.
My new one will hopefully last the Season. Does anybody know how many heaters are required to survive here every year, and what is the meaning of Spring City? Thank you,

Forums > Living in Kunming > ExpressVPN

My Express was totally blocked last July, and has been unavailable ever since. Don't get on the "hit list"..
Otherwise, life is OK without certain western crapola. Microsoft is my last remaining link to the Far Side.

Forums > Living in Kunming > French Cafe

The French Cafe on WenLinJie has been shuttered for several days now..
Anybody know if this is permanent?
A fine little place; affordable too.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Bus Route Handbook / Map

Not going to happen, C Ray.

The people are supposed to be lost and uninformed; can't you tell?
On this site, you might be given an obscure suggestion for an obscure zit of an obscure slice of a tiny toy phone.

There are no bus route maps, anywhere, and I feel your pain..


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Off topic: I was fortunate to have visited the cemetery of Rachel's namesake; Ernest "Papa" Hemingway, at Ketchum Idaho. Far off the beaten track; a winter ski resort area, it was worth the detour, for those with a literary inclination..

He lies alongside wife Mary, with a slender evergreen at the head of both graves, which were simple slabs of dark granite; about 8 feet (2 & 1/2 M) long.. Visitors had left little trinkets, coins, etc, at the foot of the graves; otherwise, no magic-markings or signs of desecration in this quiet and desolate location.. Other Hemingway graves were not far away, but whose names I don't remember.

And when in doubt, recycle anyway. Even if the plastic is unfit for re-use, it is generally incinerated in environmentally approved facilities, with proper filtration.

Burnt unfiltered plastic releases toxic levels of p.c.b's.

It is regrettable that bio-degradable plastic has yet to gain traction on an industrial basis. It was developed around 5 years ago, in the US, as I recall.
Many people simply don't grasp the theory of recycling; never have and never will.

My experience indicates that southern Europe is as guilty of plastic pollution as the Asian nations; there are simply many more people in Asia.


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