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True. 4G may tailor better to widely distributed rural backwaters due to greater distance in coverage.

4G's lower frequency/longer wavelength interference is comparable to light beams, where red hues are visible during sunsets and sunrises as light's low frequency/long wavelengths seep through water and smog molecules congregated near horizon thanks to gravity. Blue spectrum band of higher frequency and shorter wavelength or absorbed or bounced off by them, thus, unable to reach our eyes during dusk & dawn.

Whereas, highly dense and populated urban settings benefit more from the fifth generation spectrum, which uses higher radio frequency with shorter wavelengths. Similar to blue color band analogy, 5G drawback is they don't travel as far as explained above, but tailor more devices per area.

Forums > Living in Kunming > 5G Kunming

It is said when cooking frogs alive. Turning up the heat suddenly, the frog would jump out. But turning up heat gradually, they'll stay in the pan to meet their culinary fate.

Same can be said about technology. Gradual tech advancement cycles like small updates won't be met with societal resistance. But great leaps in upgrades may conflict with humanity's wiring; triggering fear response as our comfortable habituation with the old, familiar routines are undermined. A reoccurring theme for thousands of years.

Whether the manipulation of 4G speed is warranted, or just a froggy knee jerk fabrication, remains to be seen as adoptions pick up.

Forums > Living in Kunming > 5G Kunming

Lets hope 5G tech is used more for education innovation than for mere games - insidious development of even greater smartphone addiction for our youth. As @Napoleon said, capitalism and education are not good bedfellows.


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I'm excited for Yuxi to hold such a recognized event. Chengjiang County is part of Yuxi, is it not?

Will our Holland to Kunming bike riding Vera be participating in the much shorter 115km action, whether sideline or on the course?

Has century old Tour de France evolved to accommodate female riders?

I can't help but think of disgraced Armstrong when this race is mentioned. Was he repentant or still denying culpability?

So many questions.


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