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Get ready for a marathon shower & doughnut binge, perhaps at the same time.

Haven't passed by Just Hot as of late, so I can't be certain.

But in case they're closed, other Kunming bakery chains like Jiahua Bakery sell donuts, as do Carrefour bakery. The ones that Homer Simpson likes to eat. Can't be overly picky during an outbreak, now can we?

Bon Appétit seems to be well stocked, though lots of empty containers at Holiland Bakery. Bread Works also open. Latter three bakeries don't seem to have donuts, unfortunately.

Still, an upgrade from your chickens and survivor piggy.

Forums > Food & Drink > Xinjiang/Uyghur Food

At Aegean Mall (Bailong Road) 5th floor across from ice skating rink sits a fancy xj restaurant called 北疆饭店. Both restaurant ambience and waiters are adorned with local custom decorations. A kebab grilling and flatbread baking section is visible behind transparent glass. They are also participating in this weekend 50% event.

Forums > Food & Drink > shopping in kunming

Aegean Mall on Bailong Road is having their babshower; 100 day since opening anniversary sales event this weekend.

At noon today and tomorrow (or 20:00 tomorrow on site), snatch up their 50 for 100 50% discounts for restaurants, and for quick thumbs, 100 for 200 digital shopping vouchers on Aegean's official Wechat account for participating stores below:

ogonblick、全棉时代、DAZZLE、D-VII、歌蒂诗、J'Sister、雪歌、MY BODY、the green party、中应宜品、HOTWIND、BAISI、歌瑞尔柏芮、Donoratico、LADESEE、tutuanna、D-HARRY、度嘉班妮我形我束、earth music&ecology+、WESTLINK/FUNLINK、NINE WAY HOMME、broadcastYLE 、OCHIRLY、HIGH-W°、PEPSI、ZELE\石人工
艾美家、ME&CITY、VERO MODA、JACK JONES、3CE、GXG、Benttiwood、SANHO、ANTA、哇吲、ONLY、米苏、MR&Er、ALT、ARGUE、V.KEKOU、S.DEER、SeRina、水云间、POLO、利郎艾诺丝雅诗/古木夕羊纳薇睿幕比其;

Forums > Living in Kunming > Where to Rent electric bike in Kunming?

You may have noticed the new batch of electric powered bicycles by Alipay's Hellobike. These are different from Alipay's new ebike scooters mentioned in another thread.

These blue battery powered bicycles with black, bulky handlebar costs 2rmb to ride. First 20 minutes are free for time being.

The thrust packs a punch as initial pedaling is automatically assisted to reduce work of acceleration from rest. A bit forceful at times, but wonderful for inclined slopes or times when riders would rather conserve energy.

The battery meter bar seems to recharge on its own during the rides. Perhaps some sort of built-in kinetic recharger?

In any case, riding these e-bicycles have become less strenuous and fun for daily commuters that need to go up slopes.


Younger, inexperienced riders need to take precaution as they reach relatively fast speeds, particularly on declines.

Also, the vehicle automatically shuts down upon leaving city center zone, as seen on Alipay's Hellobike map. The bike would probably speak to you in Mandarin before this incidence, as it does when you activate/deactivate their service.


No results found.


I saw the new Alipay Hello ebike taxied by side of road the other day. Tried to scan the barcode to test ride the battery powered baby, but it was already on loan to someone else.

You can see pictures of it, rates, and ebike whereabouts on your Alipay app > Hellobike miniprogram on main screen > 电动车 (third tab).

Promotion offers for maiden launch are as follows:

79cny/7 days


Buy 2 months for 1 month free (~5.5/day)

You can also buy them for over 2 grand, which imo is a bit pricey.

This may be a great means of transportation for short-term visitors. No red tape license seems to be necessary. Though not many ebike vehicles around town nor during his water testing phase.

When I walked down the new Nanqiang Street the other day,

I smiled at the ancestors captured in time.

The continuation of shopkeepers, who embodied the hopes of their fathers. The same fears shared by mothers a generation prior.

While grappling with impermanence, their ancestors smiled back.

The ultimate foundation where our feet stood and smiles met were untainted by age.

Authenticity is a matter of perspective of the beholder.

The evanescent appeals of old Kunming may only be captured in bygone memories and these still photos, but new blood is being transfused.

This is no more evident than Nanqiang Pedestrian St. (南强步行街, GPS 25.034788, 102.714101) where young entrepreneurs are setting up an eclectic taste to this particular pedestrian street near Nanping Jie.

Under rows of lanterns and lights, semi-portable food stalls and novel handicrafts vendors are mixing new flavours to our KM night market scene. A must visit for foodies. The early 20th century Sino-Vietnam train theme is cool.

I expect this site under development to be very popular among younger locals and visitors alike.

I am rooting for Pierre, Aline, Stephane, Virginie, Michael, and all participants of this clinical trial.

Christopher Reeve is still my all time favorite Superman. More super for flying toward his kryptonite, not away.

A viral video will ruffle some feathers.

Unruly visitor at Haigeng Daba was captured grabbing the feet of a gull and not letting go, perhaps hurting the poor bird as it finally escaped. Balantant incidents like these seem to reoccur annually to

our birds.

The perpetrator was reprimanded by other bystanders. Imo, the image of his face should be processed in the police facial recognition database to be formally charged and fined, social credit scored reduced what not.

This type of citizen involvement neighborhood watch may diminish future assaults on our seasonal cohabitants.


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