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Get ready for a marathon shower & doughnut binge, perhaps at the same time.

Haven't passed by Just Hot as of late, so I can't be certain.

But in case they're closed, other Kunming bakery chains like Jiahua Bakery sell donuts, as do Carrefour bakery. The ones that Homer Simpson likes to eat. Can't be overly picky during an outbreak, now can we?

Bon Appétit seems to be well stocked, though lots of empty containers at Holiland Bakery. Bread Works also open. Latter three bakeries don't seem to have donuts, unfortunately.

Still, an upgrade from your chickens and survivor piggy.

Forums > Food & Drink > Xinjiang/Uyghur Food

At Aegean Mall (Bailong Road) 5th floor across from ice skating rink sits a fancy xj restaurant called 北疆饭店. Both restaurant ambience and waiters are adorned with local custom decorations. A kebab grilling and flatbread baking section is visible behind transparent glass. They are also participating in this weekend 50% event.

Forums > Food & Drink > shopping in kunming

Aegean Mall on Bailong Road is having their babshower; 100 day since opening anniversary sales event this weekend.

At noon today and tomorrow (or 20:00 tomorrow on site), snatch up their 50 for 100 50% discounts for restaurants, and for quick thumbs, 100 for 200 digital shopping vouchers on Aegean's official Wechat account for participating stores below:

ogonblick、全棉时代、DAZZLE、D-VII、歌蒂诗、J'Sister、雪歌、MY BODY、the green party、中应宜品、HOTWIND、BAISI、歌瑞尔柏芮、Donoratico、LADESEE、tutuanna、D-HARRY、度嘉班妮我形我束、earth music&ecology+、WESTLINK/FUNLINK、NINE WAY HOMME、broadcastYLE 、OCHIRLY、HIGH-W°、PEPSI、ZELE\石人工
艾美家、ME&CITY、VERO MODA、JACK JONES、3CE、GXG、Benttiwood、SANHO、ANTA、哇吲、ONLY、米苏、MR&Er、ALT、ARGUE、V.KEKOU、S.DEER、SeRina、水云间、POLO、利郎艾诺丝雅诗/古木夕羊纳薇睿幕比其;

Forums > Living in Kunming > Where to Rent electric bike in Kunming?

You may have noticed the new batch of electric powered bicycles by Alipay's Hellobike. These are different from Alipay's new ebike scooters mentioned in another thread.

These blue battery powered bicycles with black, bulky handlebar costs 2rmb to ride. First 20 minutes are free for time being.

The thrust packs a punch as initial pedaling is automatically assisted to reduce work of acceleration from rest. A bit forceful at times, but wonderful for inclined slopes or times when riders would rather conserve energy.

The battery meter bar seems to recharge on its own during the rides. Perhaps some sort of built-in kinetic recharger?

In any case, riding these e-bicycles have become less strenuous and fun for daily commuters that need to go up slopes.


Younger, inexperienced riders need to take precaution as they reach relatively fast speeds, particularly on declines.

Also, the vehicle automatically shuts down upon leaving city center zone, as seen on Alipay's Hellobike map. The bike would probably speak to you in Mandarin before this incidence, as it does when you activate/deactivate their service.


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Exceptions excluded, I speculate younger generations on average harbour more tolerance toward bi/homosexuality than do their more senior peers.

Likewise, I suspect laws that do not favor nor protect gay couples in China are voiced by more senior members of the Central Committee, less so by their younger technocrat peers.

For the majority of Chinese parents in their early forties and under, their children may not have yet reached the marriage discussion age. Perhaps a topic more relevant for parents beyond late forties to early fifties given trend of postponed wedlocks.

Maybe Chinese parents in this age group can chime me on this issue.

Honest communication is probably the best way forward between straight parents and their LGBTQ+ kids. Though I stand to be corrected.

This year alone, I know of four Kunming individuals in their late twenties who arranged fake marriages with their LGBT circles to placate their unsuspecting parents whose always yearning for traditional matchmaking (相亲) for their aging adult kids.

This is filial piety to a fault. And for parents, caring too much about face (面子) among their middle-aged gossip circles.

But at least in this scenario of mutual agreement between newlyweds, both parties are cognizant of each other's true sexual orientation as opposed to deceiving a wife or groom into a lifetime of fake matrimony. Spousal deception of this magnitude has been quite common as well in Yunnan. Very tragic imo.

In the end, the best way to go ought to be honesty and acceptance between respective children and their parents.

Probably easier said than done under current cultural norm for "boomers" and older generation.

Good interview.

Robert evaded the question how he truly felt about KM, nor discussed the meaty issues presented.

From eye test alone, LGBTQ scene seems to be continuing blossoming among Kunming youth scene within last decade, but particularly more so in neighboring province and city of Guiyang. Although still not embraced by majority of conservative elders here, nor by law.

Btw, San Diego State was among the top 10 party schools in USA. Black Beach being the famous nude gay beach there. Miss school?

Kunming park guide

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Scroll down Weibo timeline photos to get a rough idea of Kunming Botanical Gardens and above-mentioned changing foliage by timestamps in reverse chronological order from most recent:[...]

The ubiquitous Chinese selfies may be annoying to some, but they can be our eyes & ears.

Kunming park guide

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The Kunming Botanical Gardens (昆明植物园) is worth a visit when Autumn red & yellow foilages reach full vibrancy around November 11-15. A beautiful spectacle on the inclined slope near the North gate entrance path.

Endulge in morning/afternoon picnic beneath the colorful trees. The park also allows tents. A bit too late for fall leaves right now, so mark your calendars for next year.

Transportation is simple:

Take subway line 2 (blue) to northermost, penultimate terminal station called Longtou Jie station (龙头街站). Walk out B exit and a bus station sits outside. Take buses
9, 249, or 79 toward 植物园 (botanical garden). Conveniently get off in front of park's North gate.

Entrance fee is 9 yuan on Meituan, 10 at the door. Free for elders. Close around 17:00?


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