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For those who missed previous promotion, the 50 for 100 sale resumes on the 18th in two days all thanks to competition. Across the street from Aegean is the grand opening of another department store (called Living Mall?), also offering 50 for 100 shopping/dining vouchers. Aegean is trying to spoil their party.

So good luck finding your super discounted 唯品会 sports and trekking shoes this weekend.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Where do the Gulls Go at Night?

Gulls will be arriving in Kunming in 3 days. Currenty spotted in Zhaotong. I'm not in Spring City, but kind souls please welcome them with fresh bread. They came a long way. Throughout their journey, many of our avian friends thought about us in the little head of theirs.


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I'm excited for Yuxi to hold such a recognized event. Chengjiang County is part of Yuxi, is it not?

Will our Holland to Kunming bike riding Vera be participating in the much shorter 115km action, whether sideline or on the course?

Has century old Tour de France evolved to accommodate female riders?

I can't help but think of disgraced Armstrong when this race is mentioned. Was he repentant or still denying culpability?

So many questions.


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