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Forums > Living in Kunming > Housing Prices

Yes it does sound a little like there may have been pre-sales. A lot of the property may have already been disposed of in sales centers in Tier One cities. But that is speculation on my part.
As for the rich only wanting villas, most of the lower rich (not super rich) that I have come into contact with have a villa for the weekend and an apartment downtown for work. A few have multiple properties.

There are also companies that are cash rich, and with low bank interest rates, and little movement in the stock markets, that are still tying up cash in property.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Housing Prices

To be honest, although 40k/sqm is at the upper end of the market, but places like this were selling for over 30k 8 years ago.

Never underestimate the value of central locations in the Chinese market. Dongfang Sq is touching the CBD, where the higher earners are, as well as being convenient for everything else. It is also walking distance to the Metro station, which on its own can add 30% to the value of a property.
I think that they will sell quickly, just my 2c.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Getting a motorbike license

Some of us live outside the second ring road. I would not recommend trying to sneak in. The times of day when traffic cops and traffic wardens are not on major road junctions would severely limit your time windows for using the bike, to the point of not being worth while owning it. It is also highly likely that a neighbor or your building management would report you.
If you do pass your motorbike test, I believe you would be permitted to register and own one of the bigger and more powerful types of ebike.

Forums > Travel Yunnan > Visa without Huzzle?

@martin4privat. It would be legal to get a tourist visa (3 months) then leave China, and reapply for another tourist visa (3 months), until such a time as the Chinese stopped giving you visas. It might be possible to get the visa in Thailand each time.
However, it would only be legal if you are just visiting, and not engaged in activities that required a different visa. I see in another post that you are looking to buy a business. That requires more paperwork in China. The days when one could start or buy a small business and 'fly under the radar' are pretty much over.


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Because of the Metro Line 5 opening in our area, we have just gained another 3 bus services in our area. We live in a area a little off the beaten track, before we only had one bus.
It may be worth regular commuters, who live near line 5, checking to see if they have picked up any new bus routes.

Yes. A schematic map is only useful to find your way on the system that is mapped. For most tourists and strangers to the system, a map that relates to what is on the ground (above) is much more useful.

I could be mistaken but the I thought that the metro lines used to be shown on Googlemaps. But not any more apparently.


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