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Forums > Living in Kunming > New Schengen visa center to open in Kunming

The other thing I would say is, don't make fixed plans (flights, hotel deposits) for visits to the UK after October 31st. If UK does go through with BREXIT and leave the EU it is uncertain that the Schengen visa will be accepted for entry to the UK.

Forums > Travel Yunnan > Wild Camping around Kunming.

Ha, looking at lemon lover's comments about a place on the Pudu river. We were following the river north of Yangbi, and there are hot springs there. The locals had built a concrete block shed around a pool Two problems, firstly was the litter, secondly the whole area by that river, because it was warmer, was alive with flies, the big house fly type. We still camped there, but it was days before we got all of the flies out of the car.

Forums > Travel Yunnan > Wild Camping around Kunming.

Yes, Xishan has several government sites. The Taiping side has places, but no view. Once you get north of the G56 highway, there could be some nice places up around Bamboo Temple facing Kunming, and out towards Fumin across mountain trails. Look at GoogleEarth, not blocked.
Heading south from Xishan, on the west side of Dianchi lake, once you pass Bainidong (8km south of the cable car way), you should also be clear.
You really want to be above the road, not below on the lakeside, if you want to avoid being seen.


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Because of the Metro Line 5 opening in our area, we have just gained another 3 bus services in our area. We live in a area a little off the beaten track, before we only had one bus.
It may be worth regular commuters, who live near line 5, checking to see if they have picked up any new bus routes.

Yes. A schematic map is only useful to find your way on the system that is mapped. For most tourists and strangers to the system, a map that relates to what is on the ground (above) is much more useful.

I could be mistaken but the I thought that the metro lines used to be shown on Googlemaps. But not any more apparently.


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