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Forums > Travel Yunnan > Rural buses in Yunnan info needed.

For Nujiang to Gongshan, here's the bus timetable and fare:

Gongshan Passenger Transport Terminal, Cikai N Rd, Gongshan, Nujiang, Yunnan, China



Liuku Passenger Transport Station, Chuancheng Rd, Lushui, Nujiang, Yunnan, China

As seen on Google Map to verify the destinations:[...]

Also, bus timetable for Nujiang (泸水六库客运站) to Yulong (石门-云龙客运站) to the East:

Maybe someone can give a hand with Wayao for our tiger.

Forums > Living in Kunming > GoKunming feedback...

Speaking of registration, permit me to touch on more technical issues brought up by some individuals very early on in this thread.

Registration is the floodgate where spambots penetrate into our forums without resistance. It has become a daily nuisance for mods and readers alike.

I don't mean to step on the toes of prospective developers embarking on revamping the website, but it may be recommended to beef up on the newest version of reCAPTCHA based on modern machine learning. Ones that are Chinese/English-friendly and not blocked by GFW. Such first and second defensive layers against bots have significantly evolved since 2013 when Scally previously commented on them:

The current CAPTCHA is outdated and does not present any type of challenge for today's sophisticated bots.

Moreover, security tweaking in cloudflare DNS is in order.

I doubt fully blocking disposable emails will be possible. But at least try.

Forums > Living in Kunming > GoKunming feedback...

When one has refrained from using the antagonistic "snowflakes" to coin the left, you know the new approach is working.

Lets keep it this way. Attacks on political affiliation and personal beliefs should also be moderated. Even in avatar titles such as "Trumpster" whether sarcastic or not.

Forums > Living in Kunming > GoKunming feedback...

Besides multiple warnings, for those who followed the dialogue more thoroughly, Ishmael was trying to be Don King by instigating an emotional retort from @jj123 to passive aggressively undermine Vera's example setting efforts.

Anyways, for those who is playing in memoriam of Ishmael....

he is just taking a timeout, having a glass of Guinness with pizza at Cantina, quietly drafting his sci-fi novel.

He'll be alright. Back in a few days, sprightly as ever.

Not like Ishmael was made example of in a William Wallace-esque decapitation, where his limbs are hung on four districts of Wuhua, Panglong, etc.. as GK's malicious attempt to frighten the masses into conforming to laws of the land.

No, nothing like that =)

Also, Peter99 and dolphin can always rejoin us in more civil reincarnated forms. Fingers crossed.


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As the 70th National Golden Week comes to a close, allow me to end the discourse on a more positive note with the "second arrow" parable.

To use another weaponry analogy, a wooden arrow flies across a forest and hits a person on the back. This first arrow of misfortune causes great pain to the victim, or even a nation. Be it the pain and humiliation inflicted by the Japanese occupation, Nanjing massacre, or the Opium Wars instigated by the British centuries earlier. As victims in life, we may not see the first arrow coming, nor control its trajectory.

The second arrow, however, is the suffering in the psyche after being hit by the first arrow. The emotional turmoil lingering in the mind of the victim(s) afterwards. The archer of that second arrow is in actuality ourselves. We've been shooting ourselves with them since the dawn of human conflicts.

We internally fire the second arrow, perpetuating our own adverse reactions of suffering vis-a-vis the first. Negative reactions that lead to a cyclic chain reaction of retributions or suffering for others as well.

For the sake of humanity, and to avoid a nuclear winter or impending global warming catastrophe, we as individuals and a collective nation turning to the next chapter, should try to control life's second arrows by being more mindful, or "正念" (zhengnian).

The word "" is the combination of now () over mind/heart ().

Not being attached to the past, nor fretting the future.... drishta dharma sukha viharin.

My typo, good catch herenow.

Chinese has a phrase to describe contradiction similar to your oxymoron, called 矛盾 (maodun). The spear (mao) that penetrates all shields and the shield (dun) that blocks all spears. Therein lies the contradiction.

The ongoing arms race, as it stands on paper, no shields of missile dense systems (MDS) could deter faster than sound hypersonic spears.

Moreover, ally Russia is currently bolstering Mainland's early missile defense system to counter more traditional ICBMs. Only these three nations will have this early warning MDS tech.

Hence, the concept of mutuality is, at least for now, tilted in favor of China if in event of an unlikely military escalation. This shift in balance of power, to return to my Art of War nod, gives U.S. and allies more pause for thought for waging war over the disputed SCS.

Chessboard stalemate ensues. The status quo of China expanding military, fishing, and drilling presence resumes as planned.

In Sun Tzu's Art of War. The best military tactic is not engaging in actual war, but defeating your enemies in mental tactics without firing a shot.

The display of advance weaponry is correlated to China's long-term GDP stabilization.

Americans don't seem to have a defense system that can bypass a legion of hypersonic ICBMs with nuke warheads capable of hitting US mainland soil in 30 minutes. This type of weaponry gives MAD (mass assured destruction) leverage to China's claim to the USD trillion dollar gas and mineral resources in the SCS.

People forget that energy also drives the economy, without which we saw the eventual downfall of Imperial Rising Sun and Nazi Germany.


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