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Forums > Living in Kunming > Hospital recommendations for giving birth

michael2015, you've delved quite in-depth on this topic thread. Enjoyable memoir. You should contribute an official "How to..." survive and thrive as new dad in Kunming. A paternal guide for expats. ;)

Haali wrote: "Angel looks fancy, but as viyida said, it's the same doctors as the other hospitals..."

To be fair, public University hospitals are training grounds for residents straight out of medical schools. Even fellows or attendings making their rounds are light under their belts compared to senior-level physicians on team rosters of expensive, private maternity hospitals such as Angel.

Angel also recruits active or former chief physicians from their respective obgyn departments. Head physicians are more prepared to handle the unforeseen 1% childbirth complications. Angel pays these sought after veterans high remuneration. These exorbitant costs are naturally passed on to patients and added to the bill.

So unlike overcrowded public hospitals, Angel's patients receive more personal attention from qualified and experienced physicians.

Besides overpriced drugs and superfluous tests peddled by Angel's medical consultants, Privilege is essentially what their deeper pocketed clientele willingly splurge on. That, and the luxury boutique hotel atmosphere & service. All of which elevates the entire birthing "experience" to regal pampering. Not to mention more comfort for the family and extended family members.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Hospital recommendations for giving birth

Cesareans cost over 100K-200K (depending on packages), where as vaginal natural births are around 60K-80K.

Keep in mind, Angel's visiting obstetricians are plucked from larger university hospitals in town, which will be much cheaper.

But you pay for that nice, clean environment and attentive service with more privacy.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Good site for downloading Chinese subtitles?

You need to choose the font style "Arial Unicode MS" in your media player.

If you don't have this font in your system, download the .TTF (True Type Font) file from the following link (or google it):

After acquiring the file, move it to your Windows folder where fonts files are stored:


For your media player such as VLC, change subtitle default decoding to "Universal, Chinese (GB18030)"

Problem should be solved. Chinese .srt subs should display properly.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Good site for downloading Chinese subtitles?

Not sure about fixtools, but I'm with Krismoonpie here.

Before tiger (congrats btw) comes in with his newfound fangs, I need point out lots of people like myself actually look for Chinese subs in srt or ass formats to watch foreign films on VLC with their Chinese counterparts so they can also follow.

For me, my go to websites are the following:

and (edit: never mind this one, problem loading)

They are quick to update, although the freaky clown horror sequel IT 2 has been slow. In a few days Breaking Bad El Camino will be showing and Chinese subtitles will soon follow.


No results found.


I presume the Tiger family is currently feasting on a data buffet.

Service providers will likely offer separate family packages that allow sharing of data, like the current 80G family plan as advertised by China Telecom.

This of course will be more costly than above mentioned single plan shared privately with others,

Another caveat is that phone users are also banned from passing their mobile phone numbers to others. This Dec. 1st regulation may prevent you and your family member(s) from sharing SIM cards linked to one account. Thus, curtailing unlimited data usage by multiple users. Big w$n for telecom providers by blocking this loophole.

Ishmael, flip side is that scammers engaged in phone and internet fraud will hit a roadblock when this facial recognition safeguard is put in place nationwide.

It would be a logistical nightmare to hold multi-city military parades. Military representing all three uniforms protecting Yunnan's sw border already had their own thing in Kunming. They congregated at the people's freedom monument hall arriving on bus loads. Packed house.

Perhaps tactfully change "promoted" to celebrated. Refrain from being an acrimonious guest to your host. Untimely, especially on their birthday night, which begun with fireworks to boot (booming in the distance as I'm typing this), and well deserved I might add.

70 years may appear like a lifetime for individuals, yet fleeting for populous nations. From overwhelming poverty to global success story. Hundreds of millions of souls with job opportunities to feed themselves and their families.

Pausing your country/ethnic/political bias for a moment as fireworks light up the night below the same crescent moon seen 70 years earlier. We as one human race can collectively celebrate and ponder on this glimmer of truth, craters notwithstanding.


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