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Tiger, you do realize "invaluable" means precious when I commended your residency as such? Elaborate how my comment can be detrimental.

dolphin, i just signed on. I'm not a vampire that hunts in the wee hours. Didn't up/down vote anyone. I'm not petty like Mr. Grammarly.

Granted I'll give a thumbs up to Peter when done writing. There are gems in that overture composition of his. "Diamond in the rough" as previous forumite pointed out. I appreciate Pedro99's originality more than one-liner, snarky remarks. Albeit, both meant to antagonize. The former massages our brain's left hemisphere. Plus, he usually doesn't attack specific users, just the general expat community and our choices. He leaps on specific individuals when attacked. Blame those who take his opinions personally.

herenow, you speak of "repelling advertisers." Yet if that were the case, GoKunming STAFF would have unleashed bolts of lightening at perpetrators. But in all the years of ruckus, they never made a peep. Again, mods would come thundering down to stop spams on a daily basis, and to circumvent occasional sensitive subjects, which out of respect, I'll refrain from typing.

It is also worth mentioning website advertisers (i.e. Kunming restaurant Sal or Humdinger) don't care if potential customers are cyberbullies. They only care that potential cyberbully customers are ravenous for pizza or salad and would walk through their doors.

GoKunming advertisers are not Olympic sponsoring MNC endorsers whom have social responsibilities and image/morality standards to uphold in the public eye. Kunming is a small local market, much less the English-speaking sub-community. GoKunming knows that too, and have acted accordingly.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Chinese Valentine's Day

Insightful comment by Liumingke1234 from seven years ago.

Explains the heavy traffic in shopping areas tonight. For marketing departments, any opportunity to get consumers an excuse to spend is godsend. Pull tacky folklore out of a hat if you must.

Not to diminish this Qixi Chinese folk tale, which predates Shakespearean Romeo & Juliet by 1,000 years.

Here it goes:

"The tale of the cowherd and the weaver girl is a love story between Zhinü (織女; the weaver girl, symbolizing the star Vega) and Niulang (牛郎; the cowherd, symbolizing the star Altair).

Their love was not allowed, thus they were banished to opposite sides of the heavenly river (symbolizing the Milky Way).

Once a year, on the 7th day of the 7th lunar month (today August 7, 2019), a flock of magpies would form a bridge to reunite the lovers for one day..."

Forums > Living in Kunming > GoKunming feedback...

The point is tiger, GoKunming staffs ddin't even bother responding to your well-intentioned suggestions, despite your invaluable residency on this website.

Yet they'd be quick to remove spams or politically sensitive discussions that would endanger their niche market presence.

Sorry to break it to you, it's more about monetary-based existentialism of 'up there' than cyber-civility 'down here.'


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Funny you should mention though.

Wujiaba Greenland Headquarters at the old Wujiaba Airport is slated to become the tallest skyscraper (428m), at the core of what is touted as the "future smart city" area of Wujiaba.

Patrick Scally previously reported on redevelopment bids for Wujiaba's ten square kilometers of urban renewal project. One of them being the same American architectural, urban planning, and engineering firm in charge of Eye of Spring, Skidmore, Owings & Merrill LLP (SOM).

Along with other firms, SOM submitted an urban planning sustainable development bid to city officials for Kunming Wujiaba New City Center to "use its extensive network of waterways and greenspace to reduce runoff and clean water naturally, improving the water quality of Kunming's scenic Dianchi Lake while simultaneously creating a vibrant urban habitat."

So who won the bid? Would be appreciated if Patrick followed up on this massive development project at Wujiaba.

Sustainable landscape architect design team from Finland has been tapped to resurrect the future Dongfeng Square at Kunming's city-center.

Behemoth steel frames of Eye of Spring are rapidly rising across from Kunming's current tallest Hang Lung's Spring 66. Eye of Spring will eventually surpass Spring 66 with a 77-storey skyscraper, along with a smaller 71-storey skyscraper. The Ritz-Carlton will be entering one of the two.

Yesterday morning, developer Junfa held a press conference across the street at Gingko Department Store showcasing the green design features of Eye of Spring. Expect more Chinese publications discussing the project in days to come.

Exciting news for Shangri-la's high speed rail.

At the end of this year, the Shangri-la's HSR station will commence its maiden voyage through the northwestern mountains in the direction of Tibet, setting up for future linkage to the autonomous region down the line.

Destination details can be revealed by Vera & contributors.

This segment of HSR completion will provide a quieter, safer, and faster alternative to the current honking of horns through ever-winding mountain roads via buses.

Rail connection en route to Lijiang (still under construction) won't be operational until next year as previously planned. Hopefully in late 2020, HSR linking Kunming - Dali - Lijiang - Shangri-la will be finally realized.


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