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Forums > Food & Drink > Best Pizza in Kunming

The durian (Thai imported) pizza I recommended on the 3rd post of this thread is now 50% off.

Durian-packed 8 inch pizza just 24.99 yuan inside Q+Life Supermarket at TKP Shopping Mall. Payment via Q+Life WeChat mini program (同德店).

Forums > Living in Kunming > Subway card

@Ishmael, rickshaw also still works. You may find two of them on standby for hire in the Old Street alleyway.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Subway card


Philou is correct.

Or simply use your WeChat and scan the QR Code image below:


You will be linked to the official mini-program called 乘车码 (chengchema).

It can pay fares for both MRT and buses for most cities in China (select cities top left corner). Not just for Kunming's transportation systems.

After authorizing payment synchronization to your WeChat Pay. Commuting subway or bus via smartphone becomes easy. No more fumbling for cash or coins while people push and grunt behind you.

For MRT/subway:

Choose left tab "地铁" (ditie). QR Code will display, and refreshed periodically. Scan at turnstile.

For buses:

At the top select the right tab labeled "公交" (gongjiao). QR Code will appear to be scanned (sensor located at bottom of machine) when embarking. At which point an automated voice will say "success" in Chinese "成功" (chengong).

"Pin to desktop" (top right corner option) for quick access.

I suggest GoKunming embed this QR Code image somewhere on this website for the convenience of commuting readers.


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The gravity-defying, floating Hallelujah Mountains in James Cameron's Avatar film franchise is also fictional, but based off of the majestic beauty of Zhangjiajie National Forest Park in Hunan.

Nature of the cosmos has continuously shown itself more miraculous than our human imagination.

An article titled "In search of the real Shangri-La" on Lost Horizon and Shanghai-la was republished three days ago on the Telegraph:


"'The place described in the book Lost Horizon has never been disclosed, but we knew it was Muli and the surrounding area' - Xuan Ke, son of Joseph Rock's secretary who organised the translation of Lost Horizon into Mandarin in the 1970s"

Just returned. If all goes well, the high speed rail (HSR) from Kunming to Shangri-La is scheduled to run next year.

In the second to last paragraph, it's difficult to imagine any trains would run through Deqen ["Deqin"] given its challenging mountain terrains and its "godly mountain" (神山) reputation given by locals. Townsfolk are wary of the environmental degradation caused by over-tourism in the event of a HSR station perched along their sacred Deqen mountain range. Although Shangri-La to Tibet HSR is planned which seemingly passes through that NW direction. An update on that would be appreciated.

Between Shangri-La and Deqen is Balagezong Shangri-La Grand Canyon National Park, This 4-starred attraction opened to public just last year with deeper mountainous road accessibility than ever before. The grand canyon view near the summit is spectacularly surreal. FIY, for 70 bucks more per day, local guides will take you further than park shuttles normally traverse by hiking special paths.

GoKunming (or affiliates) should definitely do a piece on Balagezong. The local hero/entrepreneur who spent a decade depleting his entire fortune (~40M) and borrowing hundreds of millions to connect his remote mountainous village to the world ought to be featured.


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