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The durian (Thai imported) pizza I recommended on the 3rd post of this thread is now 50% off.

Durian-packed 8 inch pizza just 24.99 yuan inside Q+Life Supermarket at TKP Shopping Mall. Payment via Q+Life WeChat mini program (同德店).

Forums > Living in Kunming > Subway card

@Ishmael, rickshaw also still works. You may find two of them on standby for hire in the Old Street alleyway.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Subway card


Philou is correct.

Or simply use your WeChat and scan the QR Code image below:


You will be linked to the official mini-program called 乘车码 (chengchema).

It can pay fares for both MRT and buses for most cities in China (select cities top left corner). Not just for Kunming's transportation systems.

After authorizing payment synchronization to your WeChat Pay. Commuting subway or bus via smartphone becomes easy. No more fumbling for cash or coins while people push and grunt behind you.

For MRT/subway:

Choose left tab "地铁" (ditie). QR Code will display, and refreshed periodically. Scan at turnstile.

For buses:

At the top select the right tab labeled "公交" (gongjiao). QR Code will appear to be scanned (sensor located at bottom of machine) when embarking. At which point an automated voice will say "success" in Chinese "成功" (chengong).

"Pin to desktop" (top right corner option) for quick access.

I suggest GoKunming embed this QR Code image somewhere on this website for the convenience of commuting readers.


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Located at very top in editor's note, this article is clearly described as a "sponsored post" which is a win win win for expat community in Kunming, Igor, and GoKunming.

My only critique is the name "pain campagnard"... such a added-value fancy way of saying country bread to mark up the price of bread.

But like tasting omelets, gauging the skill of a chef sometimes requires tasting their simplest goods, such as the French bread tucked between the owner's arm.

Good sponsored post.

Looks like we found a place for chess players to meet over coffee and pastries. A chess master awaits your next move.

Igor's may be a sight for sore eyes. I'm tired of the gastronomic staleness of mainstream bakery chains in JustHot, Breadworks, BreadTalk, Holiland (though their warm fresh-out-of-oven almond danish isn't bad), and particularly Jiahua Bakeries.

Some landmark attractions such as Pudacuo National Park, has already become your dreaded "tourist theme park." Unless you trek off the beaten track by not getting on the park shuttles.

A bit of devil's advocacy...

So what if Shangri-La's popularity was based on a novel? At face value it's not. The bulk of tourists are Chinese who've probably never heard of Lost Horizon.

And if you think about it from another perspective, the majority of human race base their faiths/lifestyles on books such as the Bible, Quran, or the Pali Canon. Entire nations have become theme parks of a different variety.

Books dubbed holy are culminations of hearsay folklore verbally passed down for centuries, subject to distortions, before being written down and revised in various editions to reflect the social norms of their times. They are texts which elicit the hope of a glorious, eternal paradise in the afterlife, despite no actual proof of existence let alone vulnerabilities to scientific debunking.

Nevertheless, billions of souls on this planet await their interpreted versions of Shangri-La-ish Garden of Eden, which would put James Hilton's "mythical" one to shame. We'll never actually know if the deceased will reach that promise land. At least readers of James Hilton's novel won't be totally disappointed when arriving at actual geological wonders bordering Tibet, Sichuan, and Yunnan.

The second featured picture of the black red-billed choughs gliding above the monastery like eagles is true to their philopatry.

Keep up the Youtube videos Jordan Porter. I've watched all of them and looking forward to more journeys through China. Don't be discouraged by the underwhelming viewership. May Destination China series be deeply meaningful for you on a personal level.

Businesses in Shangri-La Old Town are slow but would usually pick up from July through September. Many entrepreneurs are holding down the fort and betting on the incoming bullet train next year. Fortunately 10-year rental contracts with locals are relatively low over there, for now. A mere 500rmb/month could get you a decent storefront.


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