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Forums > Living in Kunming > Unable To Get Health Codes

The mere fact the latest WeChat has passed Google Play Store's security scrutiny for global use on Android devices while the Chinese "Central Government app" hasn't, one should have less qualms using WeChat than the latter.

Using Green Health Code via WeChat is optional. WeChat is like a Swiss Army Knife that could bundle individual apps into one. For example, you can integrate Didi, Meituan, and this Yunnan Health Code app in WeChat mini programs without having to install separate apps. Your phone should have option to allow or block WeChat (or any installed app) from location monitoring. Disable "phone location" option if you're an 007 agent.

No need to scan health barcode every time. Assuming you already enabled Mini Programs in WeChat. If not "Settings" > "General" > "Manage Discover" > Enable Mini Programs (toggle to green)

In WeChat, click "Discover" tab > click search icon (magnifying glass) > Search "云南健康码" (aka Yunnan Health Code) > Follow & register as needed.

Useful shortcut:

In the "Chats" interface, pull/drag the screen downward to magically display all recently used mini programs and "My Mini Programs." Yunnan Health Code icon should be visible here. Or, create shortcut by placing Yunnan Health Code icon on your homepage for visibility and quick access.

kc430, you can "Mute notifications" per each contact or account bases. Delete or unfollow irrelevant mini programs or accounts. For security reasons, recommended you don't download and install random ones under the sun despite the government allegedly cracking down on programs that breach user's privacy. The forced redirects after WePay scans are most annoying.

Forums > Living in Kunming > New look GoKunming

Yereth, you could perhaps look into incorporating a SEO friendly, real-time community conversation platform called spot.IM that isn't blocked in China:

Spot.IM supports rich-media that allow users to easily post pictures, gif images, emojies, twitter posts, Youtube videos, and website links with thumbnail display.

Integrates security technology and implements AI machine learning that help our GoK mod from being overwhelmed with spam.

Visit MarketWatch and scroll to bottom of post to see comment section in action. Useful "mute" and "report" buttons that previous members have advocated.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Coming back to Kunming

Tex, i remember you bragging about getting out of China at the beginning of fallout. Karma's a-b, huh! ;)

Looks like you better not return to Orange County. Cali Gov. Gavin Newsom has implemented the strictest "stay at home" statewide clampdown among all 50 states. He argues that "25.5 million in California projected to contract coronavirus" in 8-week period without any mitigations efforts. Perhaps hyperbolic, but Newsom needs to pressure the federal government for hospital ship.

On the bright side bucko, at least you get to shower in unlike JanJal.


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Allow me to elaborate.

The gradual easing of VPN restrictions starting with "foreign firms" to "attract more foreign investments," as mentioned...

which "may" possibly trickle down to expats "one day," as mentioned.

I did not mention anything about Chinese civilians. Nor did I imply this gradual easing would suddenly free up the internet for all, as you offhandedly concluded.

First of all from a legal perspective, this going against the grain first step creates policy transparency for foreigners conducting business in the Mainland,

For instance, Apple Inc. satellite R&D offices in several Chinese cities are prone to ramifications for something trivial like accessing their Facebook page via VPN if central government decided to retaliate against the U.S.-led Huawei ban. Currently AAPL is at the mercy & whim of tit for tat retribution.

With this official VPN permittance from Beijing, coming into effect in a few months, such murky political maneuvers are relegated back to aforementioned "dark ages,"

Of course this transparency chess move is meant to dissuade HQ of foreign firms from exodus to competitors in SE Asia, Yet from hindsight, laying out building blocks of transparent regulatory norms in trial cities such as the 1st tier Beijing or Shanghai, eventually spread across the map to other provincial capitals of secondary tiered cities. Particularly Kunming, which Beijing has designated as BRI investment gateway to SE Asia and beyond. It is a step in the right direction. Silver lining so to speak.

dolphin, perhaps Jordan Porter's target audiences are foreigners looking in.... to plant seeds of interest in those who have yet to visit China, let alone Yunnan.

As for us expats living inside the murky fish bowl, the silver lining is big brother's gradual easing of VPN restrictions in a bid to lift barriers to attract more foreign investments.

By end of this year, foreign firms will be permitted to invest in VPN services in designated trial zones in Beijing:[...]

Though Jordan's "Destination China" channel will continue to be blocked, VPN usage to bypass the GFW may one day be officially legalized in cities like Kunming. Expats won't need to look over one's shoulders with so much dread.

No, America's mass shootings are another beast.

Brutality by Cambodia's corrupt military police is disturbing. The shooting in Sihanoukville village earlier this year comes to mind.

They've also begun the national drug war campaign in '17, though not to the extreme extent of the Philippines under Duterte.


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