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Forums > Living in Kunming > Full sexual health check

Hey, as with most things, I asked some people which hospital caters for a full sexual health check, for foreigners or anyone in need of it.. I was given three diff hospitals. So please could u recommend one where the fee is reasonable, they can test bloods, urine, swabs etc..


Forums > Living in Kunming > insurance from home country

Hi, plz can someone advise me? My mum in the uk has been insisting that I need insurance from the uk in the event that I had an accident here, which put me into some kind of coma, which would mean I must be flown by in this state, to receive long term treatment in the uk. I do have medical insurance with the company here to cover accidents but it doesn't detail the number of days. I believe paying so much for uk insurance is unnecessary if I am entitled to treatment and even a funeral here with my temporary residence permit. I have been saying for a long time not to buy the uk insurance but I was wondering what other teachers were doing here?


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