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Hi guys, a friend and I are planning a trip to Tiger Leaping Gorge and Yading Nature Reserve this late December. I have a couple of questions:

1. Is it okay to trek TLG in late December? We really want to go there as we don't get our hopes up high about Yading.

2. Will there be online announcement if TLG and Yading are close due to heavy snow? Is there any website that I can find updates about the road conditions?

3. Is it possible and safe to buy bus ticket online as a foreigner? Heard that I have to buy it once I'm in China cause they will need to see passports. Also I found a website which sells bus ticket but it requires me e-mailing them so thought it's a bit shady.

4. If I can't do both Yading and TLG, any places you recommend going? I've seen Yunnanyi on KunmingGo and think it's quite interesting.

Any recommendations are very welcome. Thanks!


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