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Forums > Living in Kunming > where to buy a kite

I'm looking for a flying kite for my godchilds birthday. Does anybody knows where I could buy one? It doesn't have to be one of those professional ones, he is only 5years old. I saw there is already a thread about thia, but it's kinda old..

Is there a store somewhere in town where they have in general sport-outdoor-toys for kids?


Forums > Living in Kunming > exchange mongolian tugrug

Is there a bank or some other place in Kunming, where it is possible to exchange Mongolian tugriks (MNT) into CNY?

Or anybody here who intends to go to Mongolia? :)

Forums > Travel Yunnan > Thai visa for foreigners in Kunming

thanks for your answer. actually I'm allowed to travel without visa for 30 days, but because I gonna stay more than 30 days I was thinking about apply for 60 days here, instead of doing the extension in Thailand.

So I can just go to the embassy by myself, I don't need a agency?

Forums > Living in Kunming > Rolling tobacco and filters

thanks for your answer. Meanwhile I found some by chance! If anybody else is interested in: you can find filters (also the slim ones), papers and (imported) hand rolling tobacco in jingxing street, in the shops where they sell pipes and other smoking stuff. I had to ask for the filters, as they didn't show it on display.


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