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I saw the message on the website today and I thought it was very ridiculous. I've been in Kunming for two years, and in those two years, I've come from Keats to the KCEL, and all I can say is that KCEL is so much better than Keats. When I was at Keats, I felt like my teacher was very inexperienced, and I am a teacher , so I felt like my teacher wasn't like a teacher,  I felt like a school girl who was giving me classes, and a lot of times, I don't know, she didn't give me time to think,just answered my question with an English explanation, so at the time, I learned three "BECAUSE", but I didn't know what's the difference. After coming to the KCEL, my teachers are very patient and professional, and they can use very little English to make you understand. They explained to me the difference of those "BECAUSE" and let me learn to use them. In this respect, I feel grateful to them. I don't know why "dissatisfied" is telling these lies here, but I think if you say so, then you may be Keats's boss here to fool these students! All in all, you want the truth, Then you can just come and check by yourself at the KCEL  . Then you'll know WHO's lying! A little advice to KCEL, more trip outside sounds more fun !