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Hi everyone,
I want to exchange RMB into euros. I've been to the main Bank of China office in Chenggong (春融街 Chunrong Jie) and they have said that I can only change 500 usd/euros per day, otherwise I should go with a Chinese friend and should call in advance to check that they have euros available.

I want to get something between 2000-3000 euros and I've read a couple of interesting threads:
So it seems that there are two main places to do it
1-The main Bank of China office in 人民中路 (Renmingzhong Lu) and 北京路 (Beijing Lu), Metro 交三桥 (Jiaosanqiao)
2-The ladies near the Bank of China office near 东风西路 (Dongfeng Xilu)

So I have a couple of questions:
¿Is there any way to exchange more that 500 euros in any Bank of China in Kunming without going with a Chinese friend?
¿How reliable are the ladies changing money in the street?



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