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Forums > Living in Kunming > Real Estate Agent or Airbnb?

I'm looking for a furnished apartment for 10 months near Green Lake.

Do agents in Kunming help with finding apartments for less than a year?

Or should I just go the Airbnb route? Anyone have a recommendation for an agent near Green Lake? Is there anything I need to watch out for in a contract, if we end up finding an apartment and signing one?

Forums > Living in Kunming > Kick Scooters in Kunming?

I'm wondering if there are any rules against kick scooters in Kunming.

My kids have kick scooters and I'm trying to decide whether to bring them for our 1 year stint in Kunming. We will be living near Green Lake, and from what I recall, there were wider sidewalks on the larger streets. And are scooters allowed on the paths in Green Lake? Any advice would be great! Thanks!


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