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As soon as I saw the reviews on this place I knew I had to comment. I can personally attest to everything that was said by 22Yossarian because I worked at the same campus for a while. Nothing he said was a lie (I even have photos from the aforementioned sewage explosion).

However, I would like to add that besides the fact the i2 will try and screw you at every opportunity through lies and misleading ads about their pay (check out their latest ads bragging about their new "before tax" salary, it's basically the same money as before just presented differently), they will also treat you like absolute dirt. When I called in sick to work with a serious infection that eventually required months of antibiotics and intensive medical care I was screamed at by the principal and sent abusive messages at 1 AM accusing me of "running away from my duties". I sent these to the foreign manager on staff who was not only disinterested but also told me that the principal had told him she "Wasn't going to apologize" even though she "felt bad". It isn't uncommon for teachers to cry at work during their first week from the stress and abusive environment. I saw quite a few teachers start there during my time and ALL cried at least once during their first week because of how awful it all was.

For example, despite me being VERY clear when I was first hired I had no experience teaching young kids I was frequently tossed into classes with kids ages 3-6 (despite being told when I was first hired I would only be teaching kids ages 10 and up) with little to no training (the training I did get was an absolute joke, it was more like a seminar on how to waste students' time with vaguely educational activities). When I was unable to teach this age group perfectly I had people from the principal to the foreign manager to the "academic director" all telling me that I was a bad teacher who was clearly failing on purpose.

During one particularly stressful class with a group of 6 year olds (they were acting terribly because I was not allowed to use any discipline in the classroom EVER) I came to the foreign manager for help in tears. He snapped at me and told me that the reason I was having so much trouble was because I had an "attitude problem" and that I was "Unwilling to learn" due to my aforementioned "attitude problem".

Bottom line: Don't even think about applying here. This place will eat you alive. More than one person I know who was worked here has literally made themselves sick from the stress and caustic work environment.