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A new WeiPinHui store is opening tomorrow at the grand opening of Aegean Shopping Mall (爱琴海购物中心公园) on Baiyun Road No. 168.

Same location where Alibaba's Hema Supermarket previously opened in advance.

Today is the last day you can purchase online the 200yuan Aegean shopping voucher for only 92.8yuan on Dianping:


Other avenues of 92.8 for 200yuan pre-purchases were available on Aegean's WeChat official account (not sure if still available). As well as China Merchants Bank app (or 掌上生活 app) for similar 50%-off dining vouchers at Aegean tomorrow.

So for 200rmb kicks at WeiPinHui, you only pay $92.8. Quite the bargain worth checking out if you're a bargain hunter like myself.


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