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Hello everybody!

I am currently visiting Kunming as a Tourist (30 day Tourist Visa) and saw that there are rich oportunities to study Chinese in Kunming.

I am thinking of taking classes for one semster.

However it seems that it is not possible to start studying right away, but I was told I have to first go back to Europe or HK to issue there a student visa.
Considering the extra flights and hotels needed I wonder if this is worth the effort.

Is there no other option but leaving the country and issueing the visa outside of China?
Is it needed to go to HK or home? Or can I also fly to Bangkok or take the train to Hanoi?

I really appreciate your suggestions!


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I give only two stars because this is how I think about my personal experience with Yu-Cong. As a one-man-business, I tried to register a business, import products, and sell them online. It failed in the last step of the process because the government changed a policy and wouldn't give me a work permit.

This is the process for opening a business in Kunming:
1. Opening your Business

2. Monthly Accounting, and other tasks that "should" be done by the account but are also part of opening the business
3. Getting a work permit

In my case, I lost 85% of Yu-Cong total service fee because it failed in the last step, and they were unwilling to share any responsibility. I am not even talking about the additional thousands of RMB to get documents certified in my home country and shipped to China. So, if something goes wrong in the process, be sure that you will bear full responsibility.

■ What I later learned about the cost for opening a business in Kunming: Kunming is not Shanghai! You will find someone else for each step of the business opening process and accounting, who will charge you only HALF of Yu-Cong's prices. This will require some research and basic Chinese-speaking skills, but I believe is worth it eventually. Simply ask different foreign entrepreneurs with whom they are working and then compare yourself.

■ Although Yu-Congs prices are comparatively expensive, those prices should fine for any bigger businesses. Max's great English skills will make it a lot easier for you and I believe that overall Yu-Cong is reliable and professional.

■ Finally, what I learned from trying to do business in China: If you don't have several thousand USD cash, a clear business idea that has realistic chances to work in the Chinese market, at least a Bachelor degree, basic Chinese language knowledge, the willingness to continuously learn Chinese and a lot of patience and endurance - please don't even consider doing business in China!