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Forums > Living in Kunming > Gaming laptop/desktop

Hey guys,

Does anyone know a good store to go and find a gaming laptop or PC for decent money (8000ish give or take)? Maybe a store that can do a custom build?

I know there are a few "computer districts" in town but it all seems like a bit of a minefield and I'm not that clued in on computer components.

I'm up near Beichen if it helps but of course I'll go to wherever the best service is. Thanks in advance guys.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Printing shops

Hey guys,

I want to print a PDF document, its around 100 pages in colour. I live near Beichen area.

Does anyone know a god place to go and get it printed? I read older threads talking about services on taobao that will do it but I couldn't find anything (my Chinese is also terrible).

Thanks in advance


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