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Forums > Living in Kunming > Water pressure/ Hot water problems (plumber?)

Hey guys,

I just moved into a new apartment complex and we are having problems with the water pressure and getting hot water.

We can get hot water from one bathroom tap but nothing in the other two bathrooms or kitchen (after waiting a few minutes it gets a little warm at best).

We tried explaining to our landlord and he said that there hasn't been sun in a couple of days so therefore.... no hot water?

Four of us live in a five bedroom apartment, there must be a way to solve the problem but the landlord seems reluctant to get professional help.

Boiling hot water is coming out of one tap so there is hot water coming from somewhere, we just don't know how to get it to the rest of the house.

If anyone knows a good plumber or someone who can assess the situation (we don't know what the exact problem is) and find a solution, we would be really grateful.

Thanks in advance

Forums > Living in Kunming > Mosquito Net

Hey guys, thanks. Yeah, I got one of those tent looking ones from Walmart. Set it up and through my mattress topper in to weight it down. So far, so good.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Mosquito Net

Hey everyone. I recently moved to a new place and the walls are all wood panelling so I can't find the buggers. Does anyone know where I can pick up a net to put around my bed? I saw one in Walmart but if anyone knows a better place, let me know (of course taobao will work but if I can pick one up today it would save a few more sleepless nights). Thanks.


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