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There is a tailor shop on Tianjundian Xiang jundian Xiang, near Laowai Paradise and Yunnan U. I don't know its quality. There are two tailor shops on Jianshe Lu, across the street from Normal U., a few steps uphill from the raileay tracks. I use the one closer to the tracks for shirts and pants. I'm satisfied but I'm not interested in fashion, just basic clothing. Ph no: 150 8704 8808. I have no opinion about the next shop, the Yunnan Fashion Tailors.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Paul's shop, Jian Shi Rd address?

Does anyone know the new, as of July 2016, address of Paul's Shop? The clerk told me a month ago that it would be on Jianshe Lu, across from the universities. That's a large area, though. Anyone know a more precise address?

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The text of Naked Lunch is in & probably other torrent sites. Also an audiobook version read by Burroughs himself. He does have a distinctive voice & reading style.


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I'd like to see an account of grass roots US medicine by someone from China or India. Faith healers, chiropracters, the innumerable peddlers of "natural remrdy" pills, posters listing healers "good enough for poor people", bankruptcy from expensive treatments, families begging money so their 5 year doesn't die of leukemia, Congressmen boasting that Americans get "the bedt healthcare in the world"....



Very close to Ye Jin Xue Yuan bus stop.


All natural fabrics. A good place to get a hemp cloth coat or silk shirt made to fit.


I stayed in a single-room with bath for 60 rmb. Not bad.


Menu is similar to Prague Cafe, The hash browns (gan dian tudo si) and eggs sunny-side up are quite good.