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There is a tailor shop on Tianjundian Xiang jundian Xiang, near Laowai Paradise and Yunnan U. I don't know its quality. There are two tailor shops on Jianshe Lu, across the street from Normal U., a few steps uphill from the raileay tracks. I use the one closer to the tracks for shirts and pants. I'm satisfied but I'm not interested in fashion, just basic clothing. Ph no: 150 8704 8808. I have no opinion about the next shop, the Yunnan Fashion Tailors.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Paul's shop, Jian Shi Rd address?

Does anyone know the new, as of July 2016, address of Paul's Shop? The clerk told me a month ago that it would be on Jianshe Lu, across from the universities. That's a large area, though. Anyone know a more precise address?

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The text of Naked Lunch is in & probably other torrent sites. Also an audiobook version read by Burroughs himself. He does have a distinctive voice & reading style.


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Very close to Ye Jin Xue Yuan bus stop.


All natural fabrics. A good place to get a hemp cloth coat or silk shirt made to fit.


I stayed in a single-room with bath for 60 rmb. Not bad.


Menu is similar to Prague Cafe, The hash browns (gan dian tudo si) and eggs sunny-side up are quite good.