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Forums > Living in Kunming > We chat pay ( help)

Yes, in theory you are right. I've double checked everything with the bank (I've changed the language of my wechat app to Chinese and they also had a go). No one seems to know what is the problem. The name, and the passport number are correct - and it allows me to proceed to the next step (which with other versions of my name it doesn't) so it should be fine. The mobile number verification then works fine as well.

So it is indeed a mystery. I will try after some time again and see if the issue resolves itself, it's kind of my only option left :)

Forums > Living in Kunming > We chat pay ( help)

It really looks like a different issue on my side. If I try a different name, it says right away that this name is not the same as the one on the card (+ if I try different names, for every invalid name I get a sms from the bank). When I enter it upper case it lets me through to the sms verification - when I do that in the very last step after I enter my payment 6 digit password, it says:"Please add a bank card subscribed with Mainland China ID card to complete real name authentication."

I've been to the bank. Not very helpful, but they confirmed that the info I am entering is correct and they were all really surprised when at the last step that message popped up.

Forums > Living in Kunming > We chat pay ( help)

Thanks for the response guys. I've tried everything. But thanks to you, now I have a fully functioning Alipay account - which is as good, I guess? It, however, makes no difference to the We Chat pay, at least in my case,

Following all the steps in Wechat, after the pass code verification it asks me to set up a payment password which it does not accept, saying that I would need a Chinese ID linked to the account & we chat.

It seems weird that Alipay works fine, but still no way to get it to work in We Chat. By saying that I can connect cards in Alipay with Wechat, is there another way to do it, except the standard 'add a card' technique?


Forums > Living in Kunming > We chat pay ( help)

I really hate that I have to open this topic here. I have tried everything. First, searching online, I saw that there might be a possibility to use WeChat Pay with a foreign visa or mastercard credit card. It works for some people, but not for everyone. I have tried both credit and the 2 debit cards I have, and without success. I gave up, thinking that I just won't use e-payments at all. But then, I had to open a bank account anyway, so it brought me back to the same idea. Maybe now, with a Chinese bank account (CMB btw) I could use e-payment systems. I tried to do a bank card identification in we chat, and it leads me through all the stages, but at the end, again, the problems seems to be that I don't have a Chinese ID. The app is apparently asking (only) for a Chinese bank card, that is connected to a Chinese ID.

So my question is, fellow expats, how does one use We Chat Pay? Had the rules changed somewhere along the way? Is there something that I am missing?

thanks for the help.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Moving to Guandu

Dear all,

I am moving to Kunming in two weeks. I have been in Kunming two times before, but only for a couple of days. Reading on different parts of Kunming, it seems like north is the place to be, however I see that Guandu has been developing quite fast, and might be a nice place to stay. I am considering it also because I already found two good job opportunities there.

Does anyone live there? What is the area like? I am looking at the area around Guandu ancient city, and near the metro station 珥季路 and aroud New Asia Sports Center. Are there many shops, restaurants, markets in that area? This isn't the expat area, but have expats been moving down there recently? With the subway line nearby, I can imagine that it is well connected to other parts of the city? How long would it take to reach the center?

Just general impressions about the area living conditions, traffic etc. would be great as well. Thanks for the help,



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