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Lets not forget at the moment there is an up tick in cases, travel restrictions, and drive to get vaccinated nationally due to the outbreaks of delta. I think the focus is on the local population. We may have to wait, but waiting doesnt mean we are screwed.

Forums > Travel Yunnan > Safe to fly back via Bangkok?

Things in China are changing almost daily at the moment. Airports are affected. Outbound flights may be affected. Things in Thailand could be changing rapidly too.


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The argument above has serious holes in it. It also demonstrates that it is not just boomers and the older generation hold both ignorance and prejudice.

Getting away: Mile

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Thanks Dude. You have just given me a good reason not to go. LOL



Beer, 5 stars. A genuine German beer process, and a very drinkable product.

Food, 1 star. As a previous reviewer noted, autobahn rest stop type food. A very limited menu of lackluster choices. You would get more choice at a street corner schnell imbis in Germany.
The mushroom pizza (choice of one pizza) was OK but very small for the price. The sausage was not hot. Meat products should not be served luke warm, even if they are factory cooked like a Bratwurst.

I would go back for the beer, but would not take anyone there for the food.