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Forums > Study > All schools to charge 8000 per semester?

excellent point JJ and Janice. As far as I can find out, no one has received anything written. it's just the schools saying, oh so sorry, mei ban fa, the gov is making us. Several friends of mine said they received phone calls from dong fang. I've personally received about 4 emails from various schools saying they either will increase, or have no idea what I'm talking about.

I did meet with someone today about the situation and she confirmed to me that there really needs to be some kind of proof for any investigation to continue on. When she contacts the schools they either avoid the question, hang up the phone, or just refuse an interview. So any kind of evidence be it a recording of a interview, hidden camera, interview, or written statement will help things move along. As long as "we" are willing to stand up about this then I feel pretty positive that something will happen for the good.

Forums > Study > All schools to charge 8000 per semester?

so, everyong. you say you would like the dong fang accuser to meet "us"? who is the us you refer to? aren't you a student as you previously stated? why would i meet you, a fellow student, to discuss how dong fang is trying to increase prices? what authority do you have? or are you actually a teacher/principal from dong fang? and from my understanding there is already a meeting scheduled with the dong fang principal on monday.

Forums > Study > All schools to charge 8000 per semester?

Ok, teacher who is ) responsible for recruiting students. Can I ask your name if you are so confident that the above statements made by us are not true? If these are not true then how is it that many have been told of the price increase forced upon them because of the new government regulation?

I'd like to remind you of the email I received from Mei's Mandarin School from Mr. Liu who emailed me himself saying, quote

"After 1st September,I am sorry to say that all the school should charge the fee the goverment asked if we don't want to be revoked license .
Best Regards.
Mr Liu"

You are right in saying that "our school don't have any right to force all schools to rise up the price"

What I think is (hopefully) you at dongfang have realized that your silly scheme to raise prices and blame the Government who is "forcing" you to do so is not going to work. Foreigners are not as sheepish as you think.

Forums > Study > All schools to charge 8000 per semester?

and as stated above I have an email from Mr. Liu at Kunming Mei's Mandarin School stating the government is forcing them to raise tuition prices to 8000. I would be more than happy to forward the email to anyone who wishes to read it. everwrong, i'm looking at you ;)


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