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Forums > Study > All schools to charge 8000 per semester?

it seems to me that most Chinese people involved in business just don't get the value of word of mouth, and treating your customers right. ESPECIALLY if you want to attract foreigners. Cheat me, and I go somewhere else. It's that simple. Everyone speaks poorly of your service, and I go somewhere else. That's why businesses are here today and gone in a few months. So, even if dong fang, or any of the schools that replied to me that "the government" is forcing them to raise prices decide to not raise fees, I will still go elsewhere. KEATS and "yunnan mandarin chinese school" are the only ones i've found that never planned to increase the price.

Forums > Study > Statement from KCEL about the tuition

I am a student at KCEL in the north. WHY DID YOU TELL ME YOU WOULD INCREASE THE TUITION TO 8000 RMB AFTER SEPTEMBER 1 ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Forums > Study > about the tuition

rumor, you're not making sense. it's confirmed. all north branch dongfang students know of the price increase. Dong Fang in the north is even calling students to tell them of the price change. i really think the best thing is that we call channel 6 news, and have the tv crew and reporter come to class when all the students arrive September 1. Instead of people like you, we can instead have the actual students who've had the actual experience talk directly to the reporters. Rumor, do you like this idea? I think it's time to tell the truth.


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