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Forums > Study > why should we learn English

Hey,tigertiger, do you know how many students in china do not like English, I don't know anyway. But I'm sure that over half of students is not interested in English at all. So nobody can let them learn English consciously. And I want to ask a question, can you promise that all of your classmates join in the topic given by your teacher? Or, if you are a worker, dare you say that staff all complet the assignment actively?

Forums > Study > why should we learn English

We have been studying in school for about 10 years. I guess most of students may say, oh no, must say it is English if you ask them which subject brought more painful feelling to you in school. And the biggest question that always

exists in our mind is why we should learn the damn English! Ok,let us just leave aside perceptual factors and look at this question rationally.

Everyone knows that America is the biggest economy in the world, holds addvanced technologies in lots of fields and its native language English. So in order to develop economy,education,car industry,etc, underdeveloped countries need to learn some useful experiences from the strongest nation--America. At the same time, thy also need to learn English to communicate. Here is an example. We know the education of America is first clasd around the world. So if other country's scholars want to get further education , they would choose America. Of course they have to master enought English language to discuss with native scholars. Generally speaking, as long as you want to study something further, you have to choose American, then you need to learn English.

on the other hand, American is not only superior nation in economy and military, but also a cultural country. Its culture has spread all over the world and influenced some countries. America really has considerable strength to lead an industry. So it is

worthy of learning English, because we are learning from overmatch!


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