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Forums > Living in Kunming > Amazon Kindle

Has anyone bought an Amazon Kindle in China? If so, are they easy enough to format into English? I understand you can change the text into English for reading.

I’d like to know if the whole unit can be used in English without any Chinese characters. I had a demo of one and the guy changed it into English but there were Chinese characters indicating the menu options. After that there was a communication breakdown so my question that I’m asking now couldn’t be answered!


Forums > Living in Kunming > Weather Proofing a Map

This is a long shot, but if anywhere can do it, China can. But where?

I'm looking to print some detailed, non-Chinese, 1:25,000 scale maps off a website; approx. A3 size. I'd like the maps to be weather proofed but at the same time easily foldable. Laminating (as in conventional laminating) is out.

The Ordanance Survey in the UK print them and they're aptly called Weather Proof maps. (

Obviously I'm trying to do this cheaper than actually buying one as I'd like to create a small selection. I also have the maps on a GPS so the 'weather-proofed' maps would be for back up.

Any ideas anybody?



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