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Forums > Living in Kunming > Crazy Rich Asians


Not disagreeing with you at all. But some folks here wish to fulfill duties of Asian Representation for their peeps.

Props to Michelle Yeoh for staying classy as always. She's the epitome of 气质.

Awkwafina is adorable in her humble, comical ways. High hopes for her.

Another breakout comedian Jimmy O. Yang has much more depth than outrageously portrayed.

Some of us are more critical because we care.

Forums > Living in Kunming > electric skateboards


Hover boards? Like the one in Back to the Future Marty McFly was being chased on?

I saw electric boards (ones that are grounded) at Carrefour near Nanping Pedestrian Street. They're on display by the smartphone section. Xiaomi electronics section is there as well.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Looking for volunteer opportunities

Tzu Chi Foundation (慈济, CiJi) often travel (via hired chartered buses) to rural outskirts 50-150km (or farther) from Kunming to provide supplies & assistance to those in need.

This Kunming-based charity organization may welcome foreign English teachers for their frequent missions. Not sure. You'll have to touch base with the Tzu Chi volunteer leaders (info end of post).

Many of the members are Buddhists, but you don't have to be one to join. Compassion & time, all that are required. Tzu Chi has world-wide reach. Their members consist of retired or active professionals with day jobs who find free time to help the impoverished, the sick, the foster children, or the elders.

For reference, here's an old English article published by their foundation, titled "Tzu Chi Delivers Winter Aid to Thousands Across China - Yunnan:"[...]


Their recent charity works in Yunnan, updated today and three days ago. Posts are in Chinese, but with pictures:[...]


云南省昆明市五华区 人民中路傲城大厦 B7200号房



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Great article explanation for foreigners living in Kunming! This is the best thing that has happened to KM in years, albeit for a limited time.

For those that frequent local vegetable & meat markets, a lot have changed for the better. Now they have verification stands with overhanging billboards electronically displaying updated produce prices as to protect consumers from getting ripped off by vendors. You can even re-scale your purchases at these check points by special personnel in uniforms.

You'd be surprise how much cheaper the groceries have become. Lets hope this cleaner and spacier shopping experience continues past July.


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