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Forums > Living in Kunming > Crazy Rich Asians

Don't completely disagree with you either. A few thoughts:

- As a notable INSEAD professor once taught: catchy, visceral titles are needed in our short attention spanned, Ctrl+Alt+Del generation. For better or worse.

- All classes of society may seek out wealth, fascinated by glitz & glamour, yet despises the type of wealthy as prototypically portrayed. 矛盾 dual draw.

- Cinderella story explores world of exaggerated superficiality that awaits our protagonist. Satirizing the "crazy rich" may appeal to the mass audience.

- Disparity of the wealthy & poor has no color lines, preexisting across all nationalities/ethnicity. This theme isn't isolated to just Asians. Predominately non-Asians watched the film in North America.

- Box office hit doesn't necessary equate to film quality, nor cinematic enjoyment by Mainland or overseas Chinese....

- whom, with curiosity, came out to support "the first all Asian cast" Hollywood film.

Forums > Food & Drink > Good restaurants?

Yesterday was the grand opening of Kunming's most massive shopping center Joy City (大悦城) on Huancheng South Road. The immense size of this department store reminds me of Bangkok's Central World. Dizzy big.

Many restaurants were half-off, including @Jan's coconut chicken hotpot, another Jibulu, and my favorite among all buffets, 上井 (ShangJing)...

上井 is an exquisite Japanese cuisine where you sit-at-table and order from a big menu. Haagen dazs ice creams are also all-you-can-eat. I prefer this place over all 5-star hotel buffets in Kunming. Perhaps like yesterday, lunch & dinner may also cost <150rmb today after 50% off.

Some pics:


Definitely recommend 上井 if you're a fan of Japanese food. They have several chains throughout the city. First 10 patrons every Tuesdays @5pm also enjoy half price.

Forums > Living in Kunming > electric skateboards


I guess OP wanted something more along the line of what Casey Neistat cruises around in NYC, not segways or hover boards. In which case, Carrefour won't carry them.


Yep, a few Booster boards on Xianyu 2nd hand market for 3,000 rmb. Pricey, but according TheVerge, it's the top of the line e-skateboards.


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Each to his own.

High school students in certain school districts in the U.S. are required to pass swimming exams prior to graduation. In many states, physical education classes are required in junior high.

Where we draw the line of bodily jurisdiction in academia is up for debate.

Notwithstanding, some Yunnan University students may take up this healthy lifestyle for their lifelong benefit.

I too hope the local district government accepts the Flying Tigers Research Institute preservation proposal, albeit the history of this Sino-US alliance gravitated towards the respective air forces of the U.S. and the KMT of China.

Praiseworthy historical reporting by Patrick Scally.

@Philou You're right, a typo. It ought to be called "胜利堂"... good research.

The actual station ought to be just north of Renming Zhong Lu. behind that modernistic Wuhua People's Government Building. Said empty lot under KRT construction used to be a school.

Across the Renming Zhong Lu. street to the South is the actual "胜利堂" monument. The south gate is known for selling puppies and kittens.

A garden landscaped park along Renming Zhong Lu has recently completed renovation, with a roundabout stone paved road connecting to Kunming 正义 Old Street, which is also being revamped in hopes of one day rivaling LiJiang's old street.

Nice to see Kunming spending money in realizing their 20-year goal.


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