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things can go wrong when you go into hospital in any country. hospitals don't always handle these situations well. look at the NHS for example... removing the wrong kidney, harvesting organs without consent etc. looking at the choices available, i still feel that i made the right choice in going to Richland. maybe with this new 'western clinic' open standards will improve.

Forums > Study > English schools for children

tell her to try Shane English School. they offer demo classes on the weekend that her child could try to see if he or she likes it there. there's one around the Beijing Lu / Renmin Zhong Lu intersection and another on Dianchi Lu. the former is the largest and she can call them on 0871 3109028.

Forums > Living in Kunming > MIXED 5-ASIDE FOOTBALL LEAGUE (midweek)

football is CANCELLED for this tuesday (13th) as many of the players are away travelling. looking to start up again on the 20th. if you let me know that you're keen to play i can try to get an idea of numbers.

thanks rich for organising this recently... hope you recover soon.


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Gou Rong Wei - interesting info. where did you find that about the instrument landing system? whatever the visibility that day, having to close an entire airport for FOG is pretty disappointing! glad i wasn't stuck in that mess (but some of the pics on are quite funny).

Trisha - things seem to just work as they should in Hong Kong airport. i haven't flown to/from taiwan so i can't comment on there shanghai airport was OK when i was last there but that was 5 years ago.

i took some of my students there earlier this year and they loved it! they spent ages putting coins in an electronic dinosaur that 'lays' eggs (which are actually bouncy balls). it wasn't easy to find or to get to though and is quite well hidden.

really sorry to see this place go. they provided the best pizza in my opinion and whether you love(d) or hate(d) the Box it has become almost legendary amongst Kunming visitors and expats alike! I for one will blame the greedy landlords alone. when Wenhua Xiang is an empty shell they might realise what they've done.

best of luck Diego and Francesca... I'm sure that whatever you do next will be even better.

@GTan - if ease of access is the only concern then why not play in Guangzhou or even Hong Kong? at least those places have a higher number of international flight connections...

hahaha... that's funny. let's forbid anyone of below average height from expressing an opinion too. how about females? old people? as a guest i would like to say that the use of Chinglish on websites such as InKunming is needless and detracts from the overall appeal. but i'm just a 'guest' who uses 'offensive' terms so who cares? right?!



The only place worth going for a beer in Lijiang. Small place with a super friendly vibe. Great relaxed hangout for locals and travellers alike.


a lovely place to stay with great views of Yulong xueshan (JadeDragon snow mountain) from the roof! Beautifully decorated and hosts that make you feel like family. A million miles better than most other places locally. I can't recommend this place enough.


i thought i'd give this place another try as my usual place was closed today. even though there is now more choice, i was not impressed by the menu. they do have an apparently good range of coffees for up to 80 kuai but even a basic latte is Y26 now. the drinks were OK but nothing special and certainly not worth the money. the place looked somehow cleaner too and was certainly busier! why have so many of the cafes in this area decided that it's fine to raise their prices by so much (in some cases almost double)? i doubt i'll be going back. the 2 stars are because it was just OK and they've obviously made some effort.


not a bad selection of stuff and some of the staff obviously know their way around a bike. however, the 'special' prices for foreigners and the fact that some of the staff will use a big hammer to fix anything keeps me from going back. you could do better.


I won't go there again. The yoghurt is tasty and the curries are usually ok (they seem to vary in quality depending on the day and time). What really annoys me is the fact that they can't comprehend that I order dishes to eat TOGETHER... if my curry arrives 30 minutes after all the other dishes it's not really acceptable. Then again, neither is the 1 hour wait for the rest of the food or the incorrect dishes being sent. By the way, why can't I sit on the 3rd floor until both of the other floors are packed full? Has it never occurred to them that I might want a quiet meal and, after all, I am paying for it!