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Forums > Living in Kunming > Basic Clothes in Kunming?

try giordano or balano. balano have a store just down the street from the bird and flower market and there's a giordano just around the corner. they both have branches in hong kong so their products are a bit more 'normal'.

Forums > Travel Yunnan > Hostel in Dali

Sunny Lodge have decent cheap dorms and pretty nice private rooms too. it's very central in the old town (Huang Long Jing). the phone numbers i have are 13658729353 or 0872-8868811 or 0872-2671385 but it's been almost a year since i was in Dali...

Forums > Living in Kunming > Internet Slow?

mine has been the same. it's been too slow just to surf the net at times. i had put it down to the world cup and the way the networks are set up etc. guess you might be right tho... anyway, i hope it's ok soon.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Response to "gaoxing"

I don't know why i'm wasting my time on this...

first of all, i wouldn't consider myself a Salvador's 'regular'. i do however like the place and go there quite often. maybe there's another place with the same name because the people there seemed decent enough to me.

Gaoxing, you're an idiot. what were you thinking when you started posting abusive threads? what did you hope to gain? you're classified in dating was nothing short of ridiculous whatever your social issues may be. so now you're leaving to find easier women? good luck to you. good riddance! won't be missed so just leave quietly and stop wasting your precious time.

Forums > Living in Kunming > tired of repeat ads offering cheap electronic goods

i've seen a lot of ads(spam) in the classifieds section recently offering lists of cameras/phones/computer stuff at low prices. if you reply they'll usually ask you to use cash transfer or another unsafe payment method. this certainly looks like a scam but has anyone been brave (stupid) enough to send money? it just annoys me that they're so persistent.


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I heard that the law is coming in 2021. ebikes will need pedals and be under 50kg in Shanghai although the 25km/h limit is the same. It sounds unenforceable but it's a national law... as was the ban on smoking in public places. I have a motorcycle license so this new law doesn't bother me fact, I welcome it if it gets the kamikaze delivery riders to slow down and/or think but I can't see it lasting more than a few months.

@Quester - have you seen the drawings/designs? The eye of Sauron. I didn't know someone had actually thought it was a good idea to name it Eye of Spring. Is this true? I can't believe it and I hope it's just a joke. Humanity is doomed if this is the future.

One of my favourite hill climbs i Lijiang.

For those on two wheels, it's a nice ride up and back down but bring lots of snacks/water as there's no shop up there. There are some nice trails to ride down if that's your thing but be aware that some are crossed by retaining walls and it can be difficult to see the drops which are up to 1 meter.

Thanks @GoKunming.

Look out for the groups of locals, often middle-aged women, outside the park. They'll often be carrying a money bag and are mosly there around the holiday periods.. At first they might offer park entrance for 'half price' but you can bargain that down to 10 yuan or so. In reality they just show you to a way through the fence and once you're inside you'll need to actively avoid the guards who will often ask to see your tickets and escort anyone without one out of the park.

This article could use a covenient map or two. Watch out for bandits on that hill although the biggest robbers are the guards at the bottom who demand the 80rmb entrance fee for the Black Dragon Pool park.



The only place worth going for a beer in Lijiang. Small place with a super friendly vibe. Great relaxed hangout for locals and travellers alike.


a lovely place to stay with great views of Yulong xueshan (JadeDragon snow mountain) from the roof! Beautifully decorated and hosts that make you feel like family. A million miles better than most other places locally. I can't recommend this place enough.


i thought i'd give this place another try as my usual place was closed today. even though there is now more choice, i was not impressed by the menu. they do have an apparently good range of coffees for up to 80 kuai but even a basic latte is Y26 now. the drinks were OK but nothing special and certainly not worth the money. the place looked somehow cleaner too and was certainly busier! why have so many of the cafes in this area decided that it's fine to raise their prices by so much (in some cases almost double)? i doubt i'll be going back. the 2 stars are because it was just OK and they've obviously made some effort.


not a bad selection of stuff and some of the staff obviously know their way around a bike. however, the 'special' prices for foreigners and the fact that some of the staff will use a big hammer to fix anything keeps me from going back. you could do better.


I won't go there again. The yoghurt is tasty and the curries are usually ok (they seem to vary in quality depending on the day and time). What really annoys me is the fact that they can't comprehend that I order dishes to eat TOGETHER... if my curry arrives 30 minutes after all the other dishes it's not really acceptable. Then again, neither is the 1 hour wait for the rest of the food or the incorrect dishes being sent. By the way, why can't I sit on the 3rd floor until both of the other floors are packed full? Has it never occurred to them that I might want a quiet meal and, after all, I am paying for it!