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Forums > Food & Drink > can baijiu go bad? really.

No, beijiu cannot go bad because it’s already bad.

Therefore the question should be: Can baijiu go worse?

Can it get better? Well according to the tiger's half-life theory it can but it takes a very long time.

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You wrote: "stick by them until I change my mind whenever I please".
Dont you realise that it is all crap like this that you write. And nobody is interested in it.


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Noticed those motorists cops.
They were sitting in one of these police boots playing with their phones while their bikes outside were nicely lined up with their engines running.

Might explain the recent high pollution levels in KM ;-)

Why no points lost for all those assholes who drive on the go left lane till the front of the go straight que and then squeeze into that lane?
Or does this fall under driving the wrong direction?


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