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That's excellent, since moving here I'm getting motivated to start riding again. (gonna fix the tires today! hehe)

Question, forgot to ask on the other thread, but here in the far south of CG, it's very windy at times, is it this way throughout the year or is it just this season, or ?

Forums > Travel Yunnan > Experience off the beaten track

My last bike tour was 10 years ago, so that's why I was curious about Veravdn said.

I had gone through sichuan and yunnan and generally the towns were very small where I stayed at, and as far as I remember were fine.

At that time nightly rate was 25-30 a night.

Forums > Travel Yunnan > Experience off the beaten track


Did you ever stay in the "trucker" hotels, those are basically right at the entrance of any small town where the drivers and others would usually stay for the night, and often pretty cheap?

I never had an issue with any of those and there never was

a question about registration except one time when the police showed up to check my docs,

but this was years ago, I wonder if things have changed as things have greatly tightened up?

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Sorry but you are also incorrect.
You assume that if a child does not go to a "school" they cannot or will not learn as well as going to a formal school.

Homeschooling is as or more effective than any formal school.


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