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Forums > Living in Kunming > 1 Yuan Bill - Interesting!

Know I missed something here... but I have a sizeable collections of 1- yuan bills dating back to the 1930s. They are anything but rare at flea-markets... not at all like the various denominations of CBC Shanghai 1930 Customs Gold Notes, now being counterfeited...

Forums > Living in Kunming > Instruments on planes..and Chinese airlines

If it'll fit in an overhead bin, get one early and place it in the one closest your seat. My experience was sad... I was bringing a new one for my step-daughter. Stu's could find no up-right bin wide enough, so it went overhead. Unfortunately not close. In the rush to deplane someone pulled out a briefcase from below... it fell on the floor after striking the passenger below. No one bothered to pick it up, they just walked on it; some ran their pull-on luggage over the soft cased unit and I could not get out of my widow seat because the aisle-guy refused. No yelling helped! The flight was loaded, and we were amid-ships on a 737. This was a few years back on Yunnan Air - the days when passengers rushed from their seats before the wheels smoked the tarmac, grabbed their stuff letting the bin-doors hang open & blocked the aisles completely all the way to the gate.

The guitar was non-repairable even in China at prices then. I admit a hard case would have helped, but all the way from the US Stu's had taken care of the unit in closets on the 747. The daughter never learned to play any guitar, nor to play tennis, though I got her a nice racquet - so 8-years later she's older, the broken guitar and tennis gear is ready for trash or Salvation Army pick-up back here in USA!


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Mainly - I have always wondered how they get the dye out of their skin - because the last time I was there (1998) we were invited to try the dye-vats. I looked at the women with their bare arms in indigo & fuchsia up to their elbows, and said No thanks... however later one of these girls took us up to their living-quarters (above the animals & feed) and showed us many fine multicolor cloths she had for sale... her arms were then normal looking.

One of their 'signature' deep blue hangings representing a Yunnan maiden made of white 'dots' on the blue background hung in our Guilin townhouse for 12-years and always solicited "oos, ahhs and Ding Haos" from guests. Finally my wife gave it to an admiring friend when she sold the house....

It used to be that US residents from the E. coast could book a flight to Vienna and then directly to Beijing before domestic services cut in. It was also less expensive than flying to LAX. to Guangzhou to Kunming and I loved Yunnan Airlines! Those were the days when an American could book thru a Chinese agency (in China, not in LA or Frisco).
Since it seems there are more EU and British citizen ex-pats in Kunming these days, has anyone taken such a route - or does such service from a EU or London actually exist/is planned??? Thanks -



It gets 4-stars even before my visit...
This is what Kunming needs, with the upcoming 70th. anniversary of the AVG's first battle near the city Dec. 20, 1941. The new Flying Tiger museum is scheduled to open then also.
Hope to see you there...