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Forums > Living in Kunming > Looking for a part time job any tips ?

Sure, bcs I was wondering if an american writes english like that and at same time markets himself for a job.

Anyway good luck. Years ago, i tried shisha in sidi bou said, among the blue white houses, and it tasted a lot sweeter than the bamboo pipe in yunnan. You can buy tobacco leaves straight from farmers in yunnan, we are now anticipating your mix.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Arabic kids in kunming

This info is maybe not fully up to date, anyway, the mosque on Zhengyi Rd (at the intersection to dongfeng square) used to have lot of activities for younger people, and arabic classes. Attached to the mosque was a guesthouse and an arabic school, a Quran school, and visiting scholars stayed there too. I know this as I rented a room monthly in their moslem guesthouse for a while. But I dont have info how it is lately as there, something happened in 2013 in Kunming, among other things so unfortunately I dont know latest info. But you should definitely go and ask there if you have no other place to ask yet.

Forums > Living in Kunming > GoKunming feedback...

Tiger took it too personally, the narrative about the 'fake expat existence' , focusing life on experiences in different Mega Malls, spicing it all up with a tiramisu and a latte, while reading some fake news. Me and he will probably not get along well anymore.

Ishmael is cool with it all, as he tacitly agrees, and he's probably the only one here who could stroll around in Lahore in a gandhi dhoti, slurp local water from a clay pot, and enjoy the mystical sufi call from a minaret. He deserves some credit for that.

In a year or two, after he has had enough of China, I sort of look forward sharing a biryani in Lahore with him. I will probably try to persuade him to give up dreams of being a labor camp guard for good, and search for a spiritual call instead. May be a discussion on arabian nights too, while smells of sentenced afghani tobacco fills the air.


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Im making a rock song called "Beta males in China", got plenty to pick up inspiration to lyrics from.

Btw great to see the thriving creativity there, hundred flowers blooming. When they gonna have a gig at some camp?

Allergic reaction.

You dont need to hear this music to know this stuff is a good way to castrate yourself both intellectually and physically. Please dont torture us, oh, modern men.



One of The Best bakeries in Asia. (note: ASIA)

Oh,....the ciabatta with cheese. Theres so much cheese on the bread, (and enough butter too), that you almost feel guilty being treated with it for 26 yuan. Its like buying a cheese with some bread.

Excellent place! Looking back at Yunnan, its like a miracle something has succeeded like Bakery 88.

Thank You.