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The Book Club is returning. It's first meeting will be Wed, 15 March. Place: THE PARK, inside the Lotus Temple, Cui Hu Park. Time: 6:15 pm. Book: THE PSYCHOPATH TEST, by Jon Ronson. You can find a copy in your favorite torrent site.

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Last time I needed this, I got a friend back in the US to contact the local police in the town I had previously lived in and ask for a background check in their records. Supposedly my friend was thinking of hiring me for some odd jobs.

The local police do this sort of thing routinely, and sent my friend a form with "no criminal record" checked. My friend sent it to me, I gave it to my waiban office and they passed it on to the local visa bureau, and I got my Z visa.

I have not had to get a new "No criminal history document" since then.


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