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The Book Club is returning. It's first meeting will be Wed, 15 March. Place: THE PARK, inside the Lotus Temple, Cui Hu Park. Time: 6:15 pm. Book: THE PSYCHOPATH TEST, by Jon Ronson. You can find a copy in your favorite torrent site.

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Last time I needed this, I got a friend back in the US to contact the local police in the town I had previously lived in and ask for a background check in their records. Supposedly my friend was thinking of hiring me for some odd jobs.

The local police do this sort of thing routinely, and sent my friend a form with "no criminal record" checked. My friend sent it to me, I gave it to my waiban office and they passed it on to the local visa bureau, and I got my Z visa.

I have not had to get a new "No criminal history document" since then.


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"A sad but inevitable part of progress."

There's no such thing as progress, only change. Nothing is inevitable save death, either.

Outdoor markets obviously meet needs or they would not exist. Walmart/Carre Four are not likely to eliminate them soon, save by force.


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