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Can anyone kindly enough to tell me the exact time and place the club having meeting?

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Does anyone have ever used this book before? It seems to me it's the only Englsih travel book I could find in China. Plan to buy it, but still not know if it's good or not. The book author is Chinese, but the writing is English. Is the content good? Need some suggestions, thanks.

"Travel in China" by China Travel & Tourism Press

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Im going to study in Yunnan University for my Master Degree this September. Im a native, and I get my bachelor degree in Yunnan. I know this place and schools very well. I'm glad to meet you there next semester. You can contact me via email: [email protected] So long!

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I'm a leader of a English Club which located in Yunnan University of Finance and Economics.I'm an English major student,I learnt some friends from Europe didn't have a clue about how to start their study and life here.Maybe I can give you a hand.If u want to know something about Kunming,email me"719236630qq.com"


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I'm sorry about the second post, since I'm little whelmed by personal emotion. Actually, I really could understand these people's thoughts and know the reason why they did this or said that. I just feel terrible to see so many young people are spreading the wrong message to the world, where has already exsited some bias. I'm not denying there are still many problems existing in China, but it needs a phase to improve them. I would like to offer another interesting fact: Many young Chinese people are complaining about Marxism, but those who offerred comments even never read a single word in the book. Peolple who had learnt Marxim must know it's philosopy more than policy. Marx is really a genius who offerred a scientific way for people to understand this world. His thoughts helps a lot even for individual life.

Sometimes, we really hope for a greater liberty in speech. But none could be sure when would be the best time to unlash everything. Set this forum as an example, I believe if one day more and more people can calmly analyse one issue in different perspective, we will be no far from the day.

After checking these threads again, I find most threads were posted by Chinese. Shame on them, maybe they are too young to understand their country. This also reflects another disturbing problem in China that young generations have gradually forgotten their country's history. 希望你们不要变得崇洋媚外,没有骨气自己都瞧不起自己,世界还怎能瞧地起你为自己的国家争口气,不要总是在老外面前说自己国家的不好

Lots of people are abusing this issue, but how many of them really know what the chemical PX really is? What are their worries? Yes, you may say the environmental pollution. But how? Can you be more specific? Does the chemical indeed lead to cancer? As a foreigner, you really need to learn something deep inside Chinese people. You might have seen so many times how the government prevent people form protesting. You may blame the lack of democracy in this country. But the reason why you only can focus your attention on these superficial phenomenon is that you don't really understand China less than Chinese pepole. What is democracy? Parade whenever people want to? Saying whatever people like to say? Have you ever heard about the Cultural Revolution in Chinese history? Do you know how much pain Chinese people had suffered from it? Sometimes, the rally just offers a chance for certain group of people to express their dissatisfaction about their current status in this society, which has nothing to do with specific issue. It is not hard to see why they become so angry when they find they are poor compared with others' richness, moreover they cannot change anything except for yelling. But questions again, do you think any Western government can confidently anounce they are capable to solve such a discrepancy in such a big country with billions of people? Our government wants to secure the stablity of the whole society, and so do most the citizens. So hope you can gradually learn what the truth really was behind these phenomenon? Another tip: why not do a survey on what kind of people are going to take part in such a protest? High-educated people? Peple who contributed a lot for this society? Ignorance is the begaining of all tragedies.


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