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Forums > Living in Kunming > Please Help - Jin Kang Address/Email

My husband and twin 15yr olds revisited Kunming early last year, and returned to Jin Kang Kindergarten, where we had a wonderful reunion with our childrens' lovely kindergarten teacher (whom they hadn't seen in over 10 years!) We took photos, talked, and were given her home address. We've since sent a parcel of goodies, but delivery appears to be a problem (tracking indicates multiple attempts so far).

Would anyone be able to locate the email address or website for the Jin Kang kindergarten, which is part of the Jin Kang residential area? I'd be so grateful. I have not had any luck with online searches.

Thank you.

Forums > Food & Drink > Er Kuai recipe?

After 3 wonderful months in Kunming, we're back Down Under and sorely missing Er Kuai! (Amongst numerous other things of course!)

Of course, we have no idea what goes into it. Does anyone know the ingredients, or how to make the dough sticks? Even an imperfect version of this amazing breakfast would be terrific!



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