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Forums > Living in Kunming > Relaxing the requirements?

Most of these places are operating as a consulting company, they get visa's from agencies that are tied to a shell company and hire teachers illegally, you are not allowed to work anywhere EXCEPT at the company on your visa and within the scope of your position, not part time on the side, no loaning you out to a different location, they are very strict about this. As far as I am aware a work visa is not enough you also need to apply for an expert certificate to be employed as a teacher and also from an English speaking country. Anyone applying for these types of jobs need to be very careful. Plus any company that can hire foreigners legally need to have a registration number (I can't remember the exact name for this) that can be checked with the local authorities.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Where to find software?

@Dazzer, I believe he/ she thinks it is a stupid question because Vikalina has asked a question with very little information about what they are looking for i.e. platform for software (windows, ios, mac, linux), function of software (POS system, book keeping, inventory), the only information that was given is that it is for a catering business which in itself is still very little information as this could mean anything (bakery, chicken shop, caterer for functions). So is it a stupid (not stoopid) question? Yes it is, it is a stupid question without context and is unanswerable.

Forums > Living in Kunming > living in Dali and alternatives

I have been living in Dali for the past 3 years. I live outside of the old town as it is quieter and better access to the mountain and lake. There are advantages to Dali, there are some great bars, restaurants and the expat community is great. But Dali is becoming way to commercialized all the shops are generic and often sell the same stuff as the one next door. Kindergartens are a joke here that barely teach the kids anything except how to play by themselves. You should come and visit Dali for awhile before deciding on moving.


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