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Dear Friends,

I am a 31-year old American woman who has been living and working in Kunming since 2005. I have been practicing yoga for three years and began taking classes at Yutao Yoga about two months ago. I first heard about Yutao Yoga when I saw a flyer advertising a three-day Vinyasa workshop with a visiting Yoga instructor from France. The workshop was excellent and I received a free week of yoga classes with my participation. After my week of free yoga classes finished, I immediately bought a membership card and have been attending classes at Yutao Yoga regularly ever since. I like Yutao Yoga because the studio is conveniently-located, the teachers are excellent and it offers a variety of classes suitable for all levels. Also, the studio is one of the oldest in China and the owner, Yutao, has extensive experience studying yoga in India. So far, my favorite classes are Gentle Yoga with Zen Laoshi and the Vinyasa classes taught by Yutao himself. The teachers at Yutao Yoga are WAY better than the teachers that you'd find at a gym or health club, who often aren't very experienced and merely show off the poses without actually teaching the students anything. The teachers at Yutao Yoga are all committed yoga practitioners who have undertaken extensive teacher training. They can help you deepen your practice in a way that exercise classes at a health club will never do. In just two months of studying at Yutao Yoga, I have noticed significant improvements in my asanas. My shoulders and back especially have opened a great deal and my balance has improved immensely. Also, I feel much lighter and more relaxed after attending classes at Yutao Yoga. I highly recommend Yutao Yoga to aspiring yogis of all levels. Language isn't an issue, because some teachers teach in English and the rest pay special attention to foreign students who don't speak Chinese. Also, Yutao speaks excellent English and is always happy to answer questions after class. Please feel free to email me with any questions about my experiences as a student at Yutao Yoga.

Be Well,
Katie Hagel ([email protected])


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